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Hi my name is ZAIN........

This is how to recover your lost data without paying or going to any mobile shops just in your home on your PC for free and a easy way.

This is a step by step prosess in deateled one

Its soo simple *_*

Insert your hard drive or memory card or a flash drive

Open the browser you are using it may be chrome or FF or IE

Go to WWW.GOOGLE.COM and in search box type TESTDISK DATA RECOVERY or just click on the link

Make sour that the site is of CGSECURITY coz it is the first link shone . If not click the link above

Once you are into it now look ate the right side of your screen it shows that "LATEST STABLE VERSION" click on the version number

It will take you to a page where you find different platforms like DOS/WIN9X , WINDOW , WINDOW 64-bits , LINUX KERNEL 2.6.18 OR LATER i386 , LINUX KERNEL 2.6.18 OR LATER x86_64 , MAC OSX INTEL , MAC OSX POWERPC

How click the platform you want to download

The download gets started

Once downloaded open where you downloaded

Extract the file to desktop (you need a WIN-RAR to extract the file if you don't have it click the link and download it on your PC)

Once done open the folder now in the older version there are three folder in that you need to select the WIN folder but in the new one the .exe file in not in any win file but out in the folder

In the folder click on "PHOTORIC_WIN "

Run the software on your PC

once you open it it will open a DOS type window in that you will find now you see your hard or anything u put in the port

Select the one you want to recover the files from and hit enter (hit in the sense press don't hit hard *-*)

You will now see some options like INTEL , SUN , XBOX e.t.c

Click on INTEL

Now if you are using a hard drive and there are partitions in it so you need to select the partition from which you want to recover (once the hard drive is done i will tell you about memory card and flash drive from point 25 *_**-*)

Now you see some options depends on different user but one options is common in all is "OTHER"


Now again you see some option in this click on FREE

Now it will ask you to save the files in the selected path or change it click Y on your keybord

Now let the process go on

Now to look at your data open the extracted file and there you will find your data (some where in the folder coz different version have different paths )

Now lets see for memory card and flash drive when you open your software you need to select the drive and hit enter

And then hit on INTEL

Then hit Y to save the files in your folder

soooooooooooooooo this was the step by step prosess

now you don't need to search for a mobile shop and pay him to get data back

now you know how to do that

thx for reading and and come back and look for my other blogs i will be writing more

ask your friends,family to read this blog and share with everyone you know...........




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