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When last we saw our heroes Jesus had supa ninja-ed into Richonne's bedroom and told Rick that they need to talk. We pick up with Coral holding a gun to Jesus' head and demanding to know why he was there. Jesus said he was waiting for your 'Mother and Father' to get dressed - AWKWARD!

Jesus proceeds to tell the crew that he is a scout from a community called The Hilltop, and he feels that they are a good group to possibly set up a mutually beneficial arrangement with.

Even though Rick is suspicious he loads up the RV with practically ALL the original ATL group to go the The Hilltop and see what's what. Is it just me or is that pretty risky since they may be walking into a trap? Just askin'.

The B side of the episode concerns Abraham, who is sparking with Sasha at the beginning of the episode, until she tells him that she will no longer be going on patrols with him. He does his best to hide it, but he is shaken. Cut to Abe's bed, where he is fantasizing about Sasha after just having some dolphin smooth fun with Rosita! She gives him a handmade necklace and he is truly touched. Abe clearly has a lot on his mind- women, commitment, and pondering a real FUTURE in this crazy world.

On the RV Abe looks at Maggie's baby bump and stares down Glenn. Then Abe asks, as only he can, "When you poured the Bisquick, did you mean to make pancakes?" After a confused Glenn processes the question he tells Abe that yes, they planned this, and that the time has come to build something, not just survive.

On the road the group comes upon an accident, and Jesus is convinced they are Hilltoppers, and begs Rick to find the survivors in a nearby building.

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

Rick is leery but sends the crew inside the building and rescues the trapped Hilltoppers. One of the group just happens to be a baby doctor (hmmm, is there a theme here?).

Awhile later the RV arrives at the Hilltop colony, and Jesus leads them inside. It is very much like an old fort, with wooden walls, a blacksmith, chickens, cows, the whole nine yards. The only modern touch is a bunch of FEMA trailers near the wall.

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

It is here that we find the reason for the proposed arrangement between the two colonies. The Hilltop guards have only spears - no guns. So now we know what they want- The Hilltop needs weapons, Rick's group needs food.

Jesus leads the group to a huge southern mansion named Barrington House, which houses Gregory, the leader. When Rick and the group meet Greg they size him up quickly - he's a jackass! A smarmy, smug, obnoxious jerk. Rick turns to Maggie and tells her that SHE will do the negotiating. Why? Because Rick knows that if Gregory says something Rick doesn't like he might, oh I don't know, rip his throat out with his teeth!

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

Gregory is immediately disrespectful, calling her 'Natalie' instead of Maggie. It goes downhill from there - no deals. When Rick hears this he basically states that the Hilltoppers have food, and if they don't want to deal then Rick will take it. Jesus steps in to smooth the ruffled feathers and we see that Jesus is probably the REAL leader.

A commotion outside stops the discussion and everyone goes outside to see what's happening. A group sent out to meet with the dreaded Negan has come back and it's not good. People are dead and one Hilltopper named Craig is being held hostage. Craig's brother Ethan approaches Gregory and says that Craig will be released if he delivers a message to Greg. And what's that message, you may ask? Well, let me show you!

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

OUCH! That will leave a mark!

Chaos ensues. Rick's crew springs into action, kicking ass as they are want to do. Rick goes after Ethan, as another Hilltopper gets the jump on Abraham. Ethan has a knife to Rick's throat, and Abe is getting the life choked out of him by the Hilltopper - not good.

Just as things look dire for Abe, Darryl comes to the rescue!. Michonne provides just enough of a distraction for Rick to plunge a knife into Ethan's neck. The ensuing gusher covers Rick in Ethan's blood. Which leads to the great comedic moment of Rick standing, covered in blood, looking at the Hilltoppers and saying, "WHUT?" Hilarious.

Ethan's girlfriend (I presume) takes a run at Rick and lands a punch. That leads us to comedic gem number two. Michonne throttles the girl, slamming her to the ground, pointing and hissing, "Don't!" That's MY man, NOBODY touches him!

It is now that we learn about Negan and his group 'The Saviors'. When the Hilltop colony was founded, Negan came a knockin'. Seeing that the group couldn't really defend itself, he demanded half of what they have every month in exchange for their lives.

Maggie now tells the humbled Gregory that in exchange for the half of everything they now give Negan that Rick's group will take out Negan and the Saviors permanently. Gregory agrees. Maggie also demands one more thing- a visit to the baby doc and an ultrasound of the baby.

The crew loads a bounty of food and supplies into the RV for the trip back to Alexandria. Jesus and another Hilltopper take the ride back so that the Negan attack can be planned.

On the RV the ultrasound pic gets passed around. When the pic finally lands in Abe's hand he looks at it with a wistful smile.

Should we worry about Abraham now? Because once a character takes a hopeful attitude on this show the shelf life isn't long! Which leads us to the poll question:


Who will Abraham choose?


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