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The above image is far too familiar; and no less depressing since we first saw it in October. I think it is safe to say all of you know that spoilers will abound below; so if you are not completely up to date on Arrow and don't want spoilers, press the previous button now. Also, if you do not want potential spoilers, I suggest you stay away too.

Season 4 has had many highs and, unfortunately, more than a few lows. Some of the plot has taken much time to, truly, build enough steam to keep some viewers on board. Even I must admit that, in some episodes, the "Flashback Island" sequences have been more entertaining. Things seem to be coming together for Team Arrow now, as it seams.

Now the mid-season finale left us all in shambles! Oliver had just proposed to Felicity, and then she's shot and seemingly all-together dead. Thankfully, she was only paralyzed from the waist down, but I doubt she's out of the woods yet.

New set photos have been coming out of the woodwork of the funeral that will be coming at the end of this season. Quite obviously, one of our most beloved characters will be leaving the show. I don't think they would make such a large ordeal out of it if not. Now call me lazy, but I didn't go get those photos because several great creators have already written entire articles around them.

I do not agree with others that it is Captain Lance in the grave. I do not even believe it to be Laurel. The Lance family in this show has been through the worst of the worst. I cannot for the life of me understand why the writers and producers would kill another one of their family. Now call me crazy, but the show writers may once and for all kill Sara. The photos show the Lance family in obviously different stages of their lives. Sara is off saving the world right now with the Legends; what if she gets back to Star City and sacrifices herself to save Thea or Laurel or Captain Lance? How tragic would it be for her to go through all this and then be killed...again!

That theory is far-fetched, and even contradicts my beliefs that a Lance member is getting axed this season. What if it happens to be William after all? The reach of HIVE is not limited to Star City; it is a global organization of evil! If he is somehow captured by Darhk or by Merlyn again, game over.

But again, also far-fetched. My greatest belief of the identity of the person in the grave is still Felicity Smoak. I know she's already been shot, paralyzed, given a codename, and received a piece of technology that will help her walk again. That in no way gets her out of the woods. I believe everything we saw in the mid-season finale and the mid-season return was a red herring.

They think we've become wise to their formula: near or seeming death to someone early on in the season only for them to be okay and someone else die later on. This formula is practically what they've used the last 3 years! I think it's time to change it up just a bit. Why not fake everbody out by nearly killing someone really important at the beginning of the season so viewers will think they are safe; and we'll even throw in a twist. Our main character loves to see ghosts, so he sees this person as a ghost afterwards. Everyone thinks Ms. Smoak is okay because we saw her in the car, but I believe that was a ghost talking to Oliver. Felicity is dead after all! Someone bring me tissues!


Who is in that ominous grave?


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