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As many of my family and friends know, I am probably one of the biggest Disney freaks to ever roam the face of the Earth. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved the magic of Disney movies and the theme parks. It's something that I've always carried with me throughout my life and will continue to do so.

Exhibit A: Little Amalia, Disney World, 2002

Exhibit B: Adult-Child Amalia, Disney World, Present Day

As you can see, not much has changed.

My love for Disney and my love for writing is evidenced through my articles here at Moviepilot. Whether it's about Disney movies or park news, Disney has always been my favorite content to create because it's something that I hold dear to my heart.

It's been one year since I became a creator for Moviepilot and it's been quite the ride. I'm so happy to be a part of a community with such talented staff and creators, one that stands for everything I'm passionate about.

Recently, I was given the most amazing opportunity from Moviepilot to attend the Zootopia screening and press junket at Disney World. Yeah, you read that right — that was an actual dream come true.

I left New England on a cold Saturday morning and flew to Orlando for an adventure that I would never forget. Since Zootopia is all about animals, I was to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge for the press junket. And let me tell you that this was the coolest hotel I've ever been to. Did I also mention that each room overlooks one of four different savannas that animals actually live on? I'm talking giraffes, zebras, ostriches and so much more! It was the coolest thing, just being able to sit on my balcony and watch the giraffes walk by; it felt like I was in Africa!

The adventure began as soon as I went to the screening of Zootopia in Disney Springs. Before the film began, directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore introduced the film, talking about their concept and how they thought up the brilliant world of Zootopia.

The 55th Disney animated film is the most unique, fantastic movie I've seen in a very long time. The amount of detail that was put into each and every character, the storyline and the universe that Howard and Moore created was just amazing. I highly recommend that everyone of all ages go see this film. Dare I say it's the best Disney film this year?

After the screening finished, all of the press hopped on a bus and drove to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park for the dinner reception. There, I got to meet the Zootopia characters Judy and Nick, ate delicious food and so much more.

Had a lot of fun with these guys.
Had a lot of fun with these guys.

The next day was the big day that I was waiting for — the press junket. I was given the amazing opportunity to meet directors Howard and Moore (my heroes), and actors Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin, who voiced Nick and Judy, respectively. I got to sit down with them and ask questions about the film and their experiences. It was a dream come true.

You know what else was super cool? This awesome selfie I got with Rich Moore:

My day was made.

Being able to talk to the filmmakers and actors about the movie was super fun and I learned a lot.

As for the interviews, keep an eye out for another article. It's gonna be a good one!

Overall, this was such an incredible experience that I still can't believe I was able to be a part of. I am so thankful for Moviepilot and its amazing community. I promise I'm not going to get too sentimental, but it's amazing to see how much I've grown with Moviepilot in just one year.

Be sure to head to theaters to watch Zootopia. This is not a movie you want to miss!

'Zootopia' is out in cinemas everywhere on March 4th!


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