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Warning: Potential spoilers for Season 6 ahead.

If there is anyone who just can't catch a break in Game Of Thrones, it's got to be Sansa Stark.

Sure, everyone has had their fair share of hardship, but Sansa had a particularly rough go of it in Season 5. Right when she got all gothed up and put on her fighting face, she was married off to Ramsay Bolton, quite possibly the only man more sadistic than Joffrey. After enduring horrible abuse and one awful wedding night, she finally escaped with Theon off the side of the tall Winterfell walls and fled into the frozen night.

Now, Sansa fans everywhere are hoping she will have a bit of a reprieve from all the misfortune, and Sophie Turner herself has given us even more reason to be optimistic.

Here's What Sophie Had To Say When Asked About Sansa's Chances This Season

On the Oscars red carpet last night, Giuliana Rancic asked the actress what viewers can expect from her character when the show returns in April. Sophie gives a really casual response, but could she have inadvertently revealed a comfort that Game Of Thrones fans never enjoy: the knowledge that someone will survive?

"I was flicking through [the scripts] and I'm like, 'Death, death, death — OK, I'm good for this season.'"

It certainly sounds like there will be just as much death as we're used to from the HBO show, but Sansa won't fall victim to it — yet. After House Stark has been offed one by one, it would be nice if the remaining members could stick around for a while, but that's certainly not the nature of Westeros.

We'll have to wait and see for sure when 'Game Of Thrones' returns for Season 6 on April 24.


Are you hoping Sansa catches a break this season?

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