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Are you bored and need something to play? Here's a list of games that fit your Zodiac perfectly.

1.) Aries [Mortal Kombat X]

Aries, you're a button masher at heart. That's why fighting games are right up your alley. You love the thrill of combat and the rush you get when you're low on health; as a result, the perfect game for you is Mortal Kombat X filled with plenty of gore and unique characters you'll enjoy this fight!

2.) Taurus [Spelunking]

You're a coach potato at heart Taurus, you enjoy a game that requires planning, yet is extremely casual. That's why Spelunky is for you, the perfect party game. Where your main objective is to hunt for treasure and not to die, you'll be on the coach for hours.

3.) Gemini [Elder Scrolls Online]

Gemini you crave adventure! Elder Scrolls Online is a game you'll be playing for hours. Whether you want to be a sneaky thief, a wise mage, or a fearless warrior, your options are endless. You can even mix things up like being a skilled battlemage or a thief who isn't afraid to use a shield. Perfect for someone as spontaneous as you.

4.) Cancer [Super Smash Bros.]

For someone who needs a little fun in their life, Super Smash Bros. is perfect. It combines the styles of the fighting game you love and the cartoon aspects you miss. Cancer I'm more the certain you'll be playing smash bros. till three am.

5.) Leo [Pokemon]

For the leader of the zodiacs I suggest a classic, Pokemon. Whether you're looking to gain levels and evolve or just in it for some strategic combat, you'll be playing Pokemon for days.

6.) Virgo [Professor Layton]

Virgo you're a quiet soul, and you want a game that will not only have you wanting more, but gives your brain a good workout. This classic puzzle game is one of kind that you'll more than love. With more than eight games in the series you have plenty of puzzles to solve!

7.) Libra [X-COM]

Libra, you are one of the more intelligent signs; as a result, you tend to be all about strategy, despite your indecisive nature, you'll love X-COM. You'll be stuck on your team composition and where to move your players, some times you may even get a little emotional when your favorite trooper dies (REBECCA NO), but all in all you'll fall head over heels for X-COM.

8.) Scorpio [Call of Duty]

You are all about fast paced action Scorpio, so the Call of Duty series are just for you. You love the sound of gunfire and explosions. Whether you're playing online competitively or just playing the regular story mode you'll be busy for a while!

9.) Sagittarius [Dragon Age]

As the archer Sagittarius, you love combat. You stand up for what you believe is right and will try to keep the peace, that is why the Dragon Age Series is perfect for you. Filled with choices that define what morals are, and plenty of combat with various amount of enemies, you'll fall deep into the story.

10.) Capricorn [Until Dawn]

Capricorn you crave horror, you also like to believe that you're not playing a game, but living another life, so Until Dawn will have you wanting more. This choice based horror has consequences that you'll remember. Whether it's making a snarky comeback or going through someone else's belongings, there will be plenty of aftermath effects to pay for. Can you get a perfect runthrough?

11.) Aquarius [Mass Effect]

Aquarius love a good story, and don't mind a little action as long as it's not in the way. Mass Effect follows these exact principles, combining originality and complexity to create an award winning game. Can you save the galaxy and balance out a cast of unique party members?

12.) Pisces [Portal]

You love a troubling puzzle and witty remarks, so Portal is just for you Pisces. Filled with plenty of complicated tasks with some comedic commentary from GlaDos, a sarcastic computer system, you'll be wanting to escape. You'll be stuck on a couple stages out there don't be afraid to be spontaneous! (BTW the cake is a lie!)

The stars have been used to guide us throughout the years, but today however, I have used them to help you decide what your next "Let's play" will be.


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