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As people grow older their appearances start to change just like the characters inside our favorite comic books. Characters in comics change due to movies, TV shows or just time in general. These are the top comic book characters that have changed through the years.

Nick Fury



Nick Fury has changed in the comics due to many different ideas, but fans of the comics know the real reason why......Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson has improved on the character in more ways than one by showing up in the Marvel cinematic universe. He made the character a true and important bad ass.




Originally turned green to make his presence a little more exciting; all of the changes have been a definite improvement. Hulk has increased in powers and engagement over time. reaching many followers this big hunk has had a couple cinematic ventures and great comics to follow. Over time he even received his own planet. Pretty neat.




Looking younger as time went on and an improvement on the famous logo, Superman will still go down as best looking male superhero. Not much really has changed in his appearance but changed in powers. Starting with super strength and eventually having any power you can pretty much name; Superman is an overpowered fun hell of a ride. Oh and did I mention that the first official Superman was actually the character of Lex Luthor as a super villain. That had to change.




Practically everything has changed on this masked crusader. This bat is looking tougher and more equipped as years go on. Starting off (still a bad ass) but a geeky looking one at that; Batman's morals were a little more lower. He didn't mind killing a guy once and while. Over the years Batman has become more dark but a lot more morally stable. Unless were talking about the Batman in Batman vs. Superman. While the comics kept changing so did his cinematic ventures.

Iron Man



Starting off in his original suit and finally upgrading to the suit we all know and love today; Iron Man will be a threat to enemies for years to come. Fans loved to see both the suits in the film Iron Man. Over time Iron Man became a arsenal of danger equipped to the teeth with all types of weaponry. Starting off as a big bucket and ending up as one of The Avengers; Iron Man will always be there to save the day.




Wolverine's main costume has changed and altered appearance over the years making for a more fierce, and exciting character. One thing didn't change and that was Wolverine's rage. Wolverine has made it into many movies doing the comic book character justice. Comic creators could never agree if Wolverines claws came from his body or his suit though (this was always changing in the comics).




Starting off just a simple con woman; Catwoman has grown into a full scale problem and help for Batman. Her original suit was a face of a cat which she wore around her head for people to mistaken her identity. Over the years Selina Kyle has improved on every skill imaginable making her the perfect thief. In the movies Catwoman is re-imagined by a couple different studios and is always changing. Fans can't get enough.

Gaurdians of the Galaxy (all of them)



This group is starting to get hard to keep track of due to the non stop character changes. Still a fantastic read; Guardians of the Galaxy will still be a huge hit. Making it's first amazing, unexpected venture into film; fans got to see the more updated version of the Gaurdians. Hopefully over the next several films we will get to see the old Gaurdians. (Hopefully).

Well I guess we know now that if a character wants to be updated, make them more shiny.

What other comic book characters have drastically changed?

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