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Welcome to Geekitude, the monthly newsletter of the most anticipated releases in the world of geeks from across the board. This includes movies, television shows and video games that geeks have marked on their calendars. With that said, the month of March is finally upon us and so are many interesting and anticipated blockbuster films, TV shows and video games. From superheroes to Pokemon to cartoon spies, let's go through some of the most awaited and exciting geek related releases of the next thirty-one days. Let's start with:

1. Zootopia

Release Date: March 4th

It's hard not to hop for excitement for easily one of the most anticipated animated films of the year. From the same creators of Big Hero 6 and Wreck it Ralph, Zootopia follows a rookie bunny cop who feels somewhat out of place in an environment crowed by large Rhinos, Elephants and Buffaloes. She constantly tries to prove herself and soon finds herself team up with a fugitive con-fox. The film boasts a lot of great voiceover work from the talented leads of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman to the supporting cast of Idris Elba, J.K Simmons, Bonnie Hunt, Jenny Slate and even Shakira. The writing also looks especially funny with funny quips and physical humor. This is shown after the release of the trailer with the sloths working the DMV.

This looks like a fun family-friendly animated film that looks like it will dominate the box office the weekend of March 4th. The question is... will you see it?

2. Tom Clancy's The Division

Release Date: March 8th

Believe it or not, developer Ubisoft announced the idea of The Division three years ago back in 2013. However, when the game was announced three years ago, the idea of a MMO survival shooter was still a fairly new idea that excited the gaming community. Unfortunately, the releases of Destiny, APB Reloaded and other similar titles have sort worn off the novelty of this once creative and original idea. Regardless, you can't deny that the cinematic and gameplay trailers get you at least a little hyped or intrigued by the idea.

Also, most MMO shooters have tanked remarkably, especially Destiny. So maybe this could be the game that rises through the ashes above the rest. Also, Tom Clancy is brand that can usually gives us some great shooter games. If you want to check it out then pick yourself up a copy on March 8th.

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Part 2

Release Date: March 8th

After over two months on hiatus, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is finally returning to ABC and if anyone remembers, it left us on one hell of a cliffhanger. An ancient artifact called the Monolith transports Simmons to another planet that may or may not be alive. There, she meets another survivor named Will who's been stuck there for many years. After months of attempts, Simmons is saved and returned to Earth but Will gets lost in a storm and gets stranded on the planet. Soon Grant Ward and Fitz form a team to go to the planet to save Will and bring a dangerous creature from the planet to Earth and use it as a weapon. While there, it's revealed that Coulson followed them through the portal and Will was killed by the creature and used his body as host.

Coulson and Ward soon get into a heated battle which resulted in Ward being killed by Coulson because of an earlier score to settle. However, the episode ends with Ward returning to Earth as the new host of the unknown alien creature and confronting HYDRA. What exactly is the show's next move? How is Andrew Garner/Lash going to fit into all this? What is Ward's new role going to be? I have no idea but I can tell you where I'm going to be on March 8th.

4. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Release Date: March 11th

Talk about a movie that literally came out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise. The trailer of this film was released just as the popularity of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was starting to die down. You just know that producer, J.J Abrams, was keeping this trailer in a vault somewhere just so that he could blow everyone's mind away right after our minds were already blown with Star Wars.

The trailer seems to follow three characters who were not in the first Cloverfield movie but seem to be held up in safehouse away from the outside world. Two of the characters in the safehouse are played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Live Free or Die Hard) and John Goodman (Argo, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski). The trailer shows that all the characters are trying to survive from the outside world while tensions are running high. Things get more tense until Mary Elizabeth Winstead can't take it anymore and escapes to the outside world where she makes a horrible discovery... and the trailer ends there.

Even if you weren't a fan of the first Cloverfield, you just know you need to see what is going on in this film and what has happened since the first movie. Check it out for yourself in theatres on March 11th.

5. Pokken Tournament

Release Date: March 18th

If there were two video game franchises that I thought would never combine their elements... it would be Tekken and Pokemon. However, the developers at Bandi Namco Entertainment thought otherwise as they developed the fighting game Pokken Tournament. The selling point of this game it uses Tekken style gameplay as you play as your favorite Pokemon characters. These characters include Pikachu, Gengar, Mewtwo, Machamp, Charizard and many more.

You can play against a friend in local multiplayer or you can play in online tournaments. The game was released in arcades in Japan back in July of last year. Unfortunately, it wasn't as popular as Bandi was anticipating it would be. The developers are hoping that releasing the game in North America on the Wii U will increase their profits. If there are any Pokemon fans out there, be sure to get in line on March 18th to grab yourself a copy of Pokken Tournament.

6. Daredevil Season 2

Release Date: March 18th

People were... wary to say the least when Marvel announced they were going to do a Daredevil Netflix show. Not that Daredevil is a bad character or anything but he wasn't considered a very mainstream superhero like Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. Also the 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck did not help at all... even though Colin Ferrell and Michael Clarke Duncan were great. However, after the release of the first season of Daredevil, everyone was blown away by the fight scenes, the characters of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk and the gritty adult themes that we hadn't seen in the MCU. The show was a real breathe of fresh air and fans were soon raving for a second season.

People were excited to hear that the show was bringing in fan favorites such as Punisher and Elektra to co-star. The trailer properly showed the rivalry between Frank Castle and Daredevil as Daredevil constantly disproves of Frank's actions and the prospect of the romantic relationship between Elektra and Daredevil. We're anticipating action, thrills and maybe even the hopes of a cameo from another Defender such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or the newly casted Iron Fist. I think I know where everyone is going to be on March 18th... under the covers with a hot cup of tea watch Daredevil season 2.

7. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Release Date: March 25th

You knew very well that this was going to be on this list and how could it not be. This will be the first time we'll see Batman and Superman share the same big screen together in live action. After three trailers, two of them being good, DC comics fans are incredibly excited to see two of the most iconic superheroes of all time clash and work off each other. Even though the second trailer sort of screwed the pooch a little by revealing way too much plot, we can still be excited to see Wonder Woman kicking butt, the introduction of a new Lex Luthor and the anticipated cameos from Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg.

No matter what, this movie is going to be a major blockbuster hit but let's just hope it's better than Man of Steel and lives up to all it's hype.

8. Archer Season 7

Release Date: March 31st

The sixth season of Archer ended with the ISIS crew left jobless and abandoned in the desert alone. Where does everyone think they'll go from there? We have no idea but series creator Adam Reed says that there are going to be many new surprises and twists for the characters to overcome. When asked what we should expect from season 7 of Archer, Adam Reed had this to say:

We are a little behind schedule this season, because we are refreshing Archer for Season 7. It’s not a reboot, but we are creating tons and tons of new elements: wardrobe, weapons, cars, the sets… So we’re drawing so much that we’re a little behind, and we don’t have the season premiere as we usually do. Not one to spoil it all, I can say that it’s more sexy and dangerous than ever. Or equally as sexy and dangerous.

I think it's safe to say that whatever Adam and rest of the Archer crew come up with, it's going to crass, disgusting, rude and laugh out loud hilarious. Don't miss the season premier on March 31st

Are there any that movies, TV shows and/or video games that I missed or that you yourself are excited to see? Leave it in the comments below.


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