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So, for my first post on (which I am loving so far), I figured I'd drift into something from the gamers perspective a little. As the title suggests, I just finished beating the dlc attachment for the awesome 'Dying Light' game known as 'The Following'. Now, this article is gonna be about gameplay in comparison to the storyline as well as an overall feel for the newest additions they gave us with an already well put together game experience. WARNING: This will involve spoilers from the actual game itself. So if you haven't played it or beat it and don't wanna know, do not continue reading.




ok..I warned you
ok..I warned you

So to start it off, they leave it just about where the original game story sort of ended, with all the same characters and obvious issues they face. However, the discovery of possible help leads the protagonist, Kyle Crane, to the wilderness just outside of the city of Harran and into the open fields.

"Open fields during a zombie Apocalypse where your characters main talent is climbing up walls, how is this gonna work?"

Well I'm glad you asked.

It's simple really, the downloadable extra story also added a whole bunch of new toys for your arsenal to keep you in the zone and trying new gear. Travel? No worries, the outdoors comes with the ability to travel the landscape by motor buggy. Closes thing to a car they could imagine as feasible in that kind of environment I guess and some can argue the idea that the buggy runs on fuel and how is THAT much fuel still available but remember, this is the same world where they still use money as currency during a zombie outbreak. But I digress.

Lets move on to the new toys.

Like Daryl Dixon up in this bitch
Like Daryl Dixon up in this bitch

This photo above is a good look at the world they created for this story mode and trust when I say that it is riddled with activity. Ya see that large open plain with the hay stacks? It's not in the picture, but there's normally about 40 zombies walking around an area that big an opened. The tall grass, the forest, the mountains, and even the roads don't leave much capable leeway between you and a couple neck biters. One gun shot and you got hundreds of them all coming at you in groups of ten. It's not fun.

So, with zero chance of climbing to get away, your option is to run across open field or stay in your buggy and drive off. But that won't keep things exciting. How did they respond to not being able to do much when it came to these dilemmas? Well, after about the second 'favor' you do for the farm you find yourself helping so you can help your group back in the city, you get rewarded with the beautiful crossbow. Oh, and they added the bow and arrow as well, if that's your forte. They emphasized on the stealth killing mechanism and what better way to do that then with weapons that not only make zero sound BUT are also retrievable so you never run out of ammo? Well, of course they had to make it cool too. Adding the fire arrows and the toxic bolts and what have you. Those you don't get back but get blueprints to make more.

not my actual shot, I aim for the head.
not my actual shot, I aim for the head.

Now, even with these cool new features added to enhance your game play experience with an already top notch system to start off, the story line is phenomenal! It's like True Detectives meets The Walking Dead and I use those comparisons because of it's setting.

The idea that this cult following they call the Children of the Sun is apparently immune to the virus spreading through the city and killing everyone, they deem themselves protectors of the land and of those who follow the lead of The Mother, their leader. The catch is the only way for Crane to find out how they are immune, he has to gain their trust. So a few odd jobs here and there, the people get to know you and the cult eventually accepts you in.

You discover the cult has some weird rituals that apparently render you almost invisible through the eyes of the undead. It's a bit confusing but you continue to help The Mother up until a point where some of the bad guys from the original story line pop up and try to grab the cure for themselves. It's now your job to stop them. After a gun fight and a long drive across miles of land (timed by the way, which was annoying), you get to a large dame where you finally hope to meet The Mother.


She's not what you expected.

I warned you before this was gonna spoil it.
I warned you before this was gonna spoil it.

You have now discovered that not only is the cure a fake, but The Mother actually has a plan to wipe out the entire disease regardless if she's a volatile or not. The solution: Kill everyone.

The reason I'm writing this and the only reason why I would spoil it so much is because of this: for a game to have such a deep situation like this is rare. As of the last 4 or 5 years, the games being released have really been pushing boundaries in a great direction, for both gamers and story tellers alike. Maybe 5 out of every 20 games have a compelling story line but only about 2 or 3 really leave you with this sense of unbeatable odds, literally. As the picture depicts above, your main character is left with 2 choices; make the ultimate sacrifice and kill everyone or tell this bitch to fuck off and hope for the best.

Here's how they both play out.

Sacrifice: Simple ending. You go through a long dialogue between yourself and The Mother (who you can only hear through her thoughts which I'll explain in the second ending) where she explains why this is necessary. The only way to stop the plague is to not let it spread. So far, it's only infected their land. If everything was wiped out, the disease would cease to exist entirely. Choosing to sacrifice yourself, you understand and agree with her. She leads you to a nuclear bomb where the code must be used to unlock it. Due to one of your 'jobs' from earlier in the game, you have the code needed. Once you input it, the countdown begins and Harran is wiped off the face of the earth.


Hero: You choose to disagree with The Mother and you still have faith in your own cause. Well, this does not please The Mother and it leads to a face off but not before she injects you with what was supposed to be the 'cure'. Half way through the fight, you begin to develop super human powers due to the injection which aids you in the confrontation. When it's all said and done, you grab the vials of 'cure' and try to make your way out of the dame and head back to help your friends. The final scene is you crawling out of a sew tunnel and into a playground full of a bunch of kids who begin to scream at you. You look down at your hands and you see that you are beginning to turn into a volatile. That 'cure' isn't a cure but a slower moving form of the virus. This is why people think they are immune, they already have part of the disease in their system. As you realize this, it is already too late. You look up and the sun is going down. You let out a loud volatile scream.

Now, neither of these are happy endings. Nothing like it's original story line. Not only does one decision kill off your main character but the other simple destroys everything. This to me is a dark moment in gaming because for a game to pretty much leave you with zero option for survival and no way of coming back, it says a lot about not just the situation in and of itself but about those involved in it. When you think about a characters only options being the last gasp of hope or admitting your own demise, it leaves you thinking a lot about how you view a situation like this. What would your actual choice be if you were the one in that predicament? How would you react if your only options were immediate death or death but just not right now? Call me crazy but I was shocked by these endings.

I only played through the part where I didn't make the sacrifice and I watched the other ending but you get what I mean. Anyway, I hoped you liked my article and any kind of feedback is welcome.


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