ByRolie Hernandez, writer at
Rolie Hernandez

With its release scheduled for later this year, many are curious on what will be new in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but have we found the answer already?

Remember the initial release of X and Y and everyone was puzzled by the, now well known, symbol for Mega Evolution? Well many have brought up this same concept once again for Sun and Moon. Could this be Nintendo sending us a signal?

I first saw the idea in a tweet as shown above. The theory is that the newest game in the Pokemon franchise will feature Burst Hearts, an item first mentioned in the manga.

The concept of the Burst Hearts is to be one with your Pokemon, combining both man and Pokemon to fight as one. If this theory is correct I'm extremely excited to see how Nintendo will approach this concept.

Would it only be with specific Pokemon or could it be done easily with practically any Pokemon? My guess is that there will be a set amount, such as having the ability to morph with the starters given in the beginning of the game, and to incorporate it with game-specific Pokemon. That way consumers will be encouraged to own both Sun and Moon.


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