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Hello folks, you're friendly neighborhood Ace is here. Many people have been wondering about the Flash Series latest episode. Where at the end Zoom comes out of no where with the dead "Jay Garrick" pulls of his mask and says: "This is a complication..." Mind boggling right?

Here's what I think:

Who is Zoom? Well to be honest I'm not sure. For the longest while being through the first Season of The Flash with hellish surprises. It's finally come to this, the unmasked Zoom. I know what you're saying: BUT HE'S JAY!! Nope he's not. As you know there are doppelgangers in the series due to the Earth-1 and 2 system that was explained by Jay Garrick from, get this... Earth-2. Apparently Jay is the Flash on Earth-2 but his speed has been stolen from the evil Zoom, his enemy. It's crazy to think this but Zoom is actually Hunter Zolomon which is the Zoom in the Comic Series as well. So that leads us to the "complication" Zoom had with him killing Jay. Why is Zoom so shocked that he killed his rival?? Well I don't know possibly he could be like "YAY I FINALLY DID IT!! 1 DOWN ANOTHER TO GO!! c=" Nope that's not how it went down. Jay isn't Jay in my opinion, so then who is he? The Jay Garrick portrayed as the ally of Barry Allen is actually a twin or a clone of Hunter Zolomon from E-1 or possibly Hannibal Bates. Obviously the job of the fake Jay was to infiltrate Team Flash.

Now this leads to my next question: Who is the man in the Metal Mask?

Many people believe that it's Wally West because of the skin completion, but let me be clear that it is not Barry from E-2, nor Henry Allen or Wally West which is later destroyed because of the character having blond hair. This leads us to 2 people Eddie Thawne or the REAL Jay Garrick. Now I want to remove Eddie because of one reason he's dead. But that still doesn't take him out of the picture. However there is more evidence for it being Jay rather than Eddie. Jay's father fought in WWI, so probably the POW 5 by 5 Code which was used during the war, was used to communicate Barry and Jesse spelling out J.....A.....Y (Jay). After that the man get upset due to Barry's response. This could have been for many reasons, but the reason I think he got mad was because he knew that Barry was being mislead as he tried to get the message across that he was Jay.

The identity of all characters will soon be revealed. Please give me any opinions or responses to my theory.



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