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courtesy CW

Let me start by saying that The Flash is probably my favorite show right now - it's a superhero show THAT'S FUN! The casting is pitch perfect, the performances fantastic, great FX, basically the whole enchilada. So earlier this season when we got a glimpse of a HALF MAN HALF SHARK meta I almost fell off my chair! I needed more! And I knew he'd swim back someday, and thankfully this was the day.

Shark movies are one of my favorite genres (but to all the hipsters out there Sharknado ad nauseum is NOT one of them), and to get a crazy shark ep on my favorite show is a welcome addition to the canon. I don't know if anything can approach the sheer perfection of Samuel L. Jackson getting eaten after his rousing speech in 'Deep Blue Sea' but one can always hope!

When last we saw King Shark (great rapper name btw) he was supposedly taken away and disposed of after his attempted murder of Barry. But we know something that cool isn't going to be a one-off! Turns out he was taken to A.R.G.U.S. where John Diggle's (the Green Arrow's sidekick) wifey Lyla is now grand poobah. King Shark is a smart little devil, and plays dead in his tank to get the guards to lower the laser shield that keeps him trapped. Diggle and Lyla are having a tender moment when alarms sound at the aquarium. They arrive and see the King fillet guard after guard before he escapes! I'm guessing he didn't like the guards calling him Bruce from 'Jaws'. Game on!

Next we see Joe, Iris, Barry, and Wally at home having a game night. Barry is still brooding over the terrible events on Earth 2 and the shocking death of fellow speedster Jay at the hands of Zoom at the end of the last episode. He's not in the mood to play, and of course Wally takes it personally - dude, chill out! Your'e coming in to a family unit that's bonded for years and you assume to be their number one son immediately - patience! This family drama is frankly the weakest part of the ep for me- I know Wally will play an important part in the story going forward, but right now it just bogs down the storytelling.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs there is much drama as well, with Cisco and Caitlin at odds over Jay's death. Cait is understandably devastated by the loss of two boyfriends in such a short time, and Cisco is worried that her grief will turn her into the evil Killer Frost, her double from Earth 2. Wells admonished Barry and Cisco to keep the Earth 2 experience to themselves, to not tell Cait and Iris and Joe about their counterparts. Well kiddies, that lasted about two minutes! And guess what? The timeline didn't blow up, no one disappeared! So all sides had a good heart-to-heart and all is good with Team Flash.

Back at Joe's house, Barry is helping Wally with a science project he's working on. And of course Wally bristles at the help and bitches about being second fiddle to Barry in the family. Thankfully this is interrupted by the King ripping off the roof and sticking his big shark face in Joe's living room! Barry Flashes outside and does battle with King to a draw.

Meanwhile, Cisco and Cait have come up with a way to lure the King out so he can be taken into custody - a rubber Flash doll tuned to Barry's sound frequency meant to attract the King. While they wait this gives the writers a chance to drop in a bunch of 'Jaws' puns (some cute, some not so much) for Cisco to say.

Eventually the King shows (with pants - AND A BELT! don't ask) A lively water battle ensues, with Barry running in a circle really really fast to create an electrified whirlpool which traps the King until Barry delivers the coup de grace - a lightning bolt! Anyone want sushi?

We end up back at the lab, where Barry apologizes to everyone for the choices he made that drove the plot for the last year - Earth 2, Jay's death, etc. He also assures all that they will find Zoom and ultimately prevail.

Now the shocker - back on Earth 2 we see Zoom holding the unconscious body of Jay the speedster from Earth 2. Zoom drops Jay to the floor and takes off the mask to reveal that he is....

Jay! Or more specifically Hunter Zoloman, the man we were told is the counterpart for Jay on Earth 1. So how did Hunter end up on Earth 2? Have Jay and Hunter BOTH acted as Zoom? Or both pretending to be Jay? And the man in the iron mask imprisoned by Zoom on Earth 2 - is he a THIRD version of Jay??

Ok, now my head hurts!

And the worst part is we have to wait a MONTH for a new episode-nooooooooo!


What did you think of 'King Shark'?


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