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We still have about three weeks before we see how Zoom's reveal will impact The Flash season 2. The best part is, we have three weeks to speculate on what the reveal means and how it will impact the rest of this season! To start, Grant Gustin told Entertainment Weekly:

"It's an even bigger betrayal than last year in some ways, because they're all going to feel like they should've been inoculated against it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

So much to consider there. How will Caitlin react after falling in love with him? Will they think Zoom is Jay, or believe he is Hunter Zolomon? How will this impact Barry? He was betrayed by one mentor, making him become rightfully closed off with the next, and yet now he has been betrayed again. Will Barry go all lone wolf on us?

With that, we can start to speculate. We can at least put out there that when Team Flash finds out who Zoom is, two things will happen:

  • 1. Team Flash will inevitably fracture. (Could this turn Caitlin into Killer Frost?)
  • 2. Harry Wells will say "I told you so!" (Or something to that effect.)

So let's explore these possibilities. First off, Harry saying "I told you so" will likely be in the moment and a slip of the tongue. After Team Flash saved his daughter, he has nothing but respect for the team. How that plays out over the remainder of the season is a great wild card!

Team Flash Will Inevitably Fracture!

Fracturing is the break or cause of a break. How that heals is anyone's guess, but Team Flash will have issues to deal with. At the very least, Barry will become secluded and likely the first to try and reunite Team Flash, Caitlin will go into a deeper depression then she already is, Cisco will believe even more that Caitlin is going to go all Killer Frost on them and Joe will do what he can to guide the team back to their better selves. On the other hand, having a Killer Frost on Earth-1 would be amazing. But can we afford to lose a team member?

If you consider the team as it is, we have the original four (Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe), Iris, Harry, and now his daughter, Jesse. In Season 1, we had Wells, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe, later adding Eddie and Iris at the tail end of the season. Of those, we lost Wells (Thawne) and Eddie. Who do you think we could lose this season? Caitlin? Jesse? Wells?

What do you think? Will Team Flash fracture? How will Barry react to the reveal? Comment Below!


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