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Batman v Superman comes out this month. That's something rather crazy to think about, if you ask me. 4 years ago, we finished the last Batman franchise and we expected that to be the last we saw of the Caped Crusader for quite some time. But man were we wrong.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to bring out a fantastic cast, with an equally fantastic crew, to bring us the epic comic book movie us fans have all been waiting for. Now that it is less than a month away, fans worldwide are all feeling different things.

Here are 6 different emotions you may be feeling as this movie approaches.

1. Doubt

This is a very understandable emotion to have as the movie approaches. With all of the hype, many are anticipating that the movie will in fact flop, like many other hyped up films have in the past - specifically in the superhero category.

This is a natural feeling for something you are excited for. Like going on a first date, you may feel worried that the anticipation got the better of you and that things will not work out the way you expected. But let me assure you that this film will exceed all of our expectations. Though doubt is a natural emotion to have, it is not necessary - the move will be phenomenal.

2. Anxiety

The anxiety I am talking about is not the anxiety of doubt, but just simply the anxiousness you feel as the movie approaches. You know that feeling when you realize there is only an hour left of work or school and you just really want to leave but the clock seems to move extra slowly? Yeah, it's that.

As the movie gets closer and closer, we want it to come sooner, thus it appears to come slower. This will go on as the movie approaches, and as we can imagine it will make sleep very difficult the week it comes out. The best solution is to take a deep breath and distract yourself with something else, such as a TV series on Netflix or by playing with a "Ball in a Cup" for the next three weeks.

3. Sadness

Why would you be sad? Perhaps it is because you, like me, love the anticipation for something. You get more excited over the release of a trailer than seeing the actual movie, and that is a great feeling. It helps you move right with the studio so that you're excited all year round.

The only problem with this excitement is that you will be sad when the movie actually hits theaters because then you will not be excited for it anymore - it already happened. Fortunately for us, there is no reason to be sad! Suicide Squad is right around the corner, and so is Justice League Part 1. DC doesn't want us sad, so they're giving us countless more films to keep us happy for the next decade or so.

4. Anger

Many fans were angered by recent trailers, saying they revealed too much or that the content is not what they extended. If you are one of these people who are angered by the upcoming film, especially if you're one of those ones who is both excited and angry, take a chill pill.

The movie is going to be great. It will be fun and it will be an all around fantastic experience. The movie will be a spectacle on the big screen that we will all probably see more than once. Anger is a natural emotion, but, like doubt, it is not necessary - this movie will be great.

5. Indifference

After all the hype over the past couple years, I'm sure many of you are no longer as thrilled about the film as you once were. With countless trailers being released, you may think you've seen all there is to see and the hype just doesn't seem to be fun anymore.

Well if you're one of those who fell off the hype train, hop back on! It hasn't left yet! The true hype of the movie will happen when it comes out! This movie is going to be so much fun that there's really no point in not getting excited. This movie is going to be great. Get back on the hype train with us - we've got plenty of room!

6. Pure Excitement

For those of us feeling pure excitement, there really is no need for me to give much of an explanation. The movie is almost here. It's Batman. It's Superman. It's going to be fantastic, and it's less than a month away.

We've waited this long, and now it is time for us to be rewarded. If you are feeling pure excitement, you don't need to change a thing. This excitement and hype is exactly what we need going into the theater. The movie will without a doubt be worth the wait, and will definitely be worth all of our excitement! Just please, don't be one of those people who scream in my ear at the movie premiere - I want to be able to hear the movie, not just see it.

What emotion(s) are you feeling for 'Batman v Superman?' Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


What emotion are you feeling?


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