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A little over 3 years ago, I had no real "pieces" of art. I visualized a castle full of ideas that posed theories of inspiration. I could clearly see so much, but at that time it hadn't come out yet.

I began, mostly the first year, coming out of a long term recovery center with a full heart and an empty pocket. I would draw people, some not even that well...

I wanted to make others smile; how infectious it began.

Eventually after hundreds of doodles passing around, I wanted to start figuring out how I could make pieces that I would be proud of; things I haven't even thought up fully. How to create like great artists should? I wanted that so much. I watched and studied and still do and am still learning each and every day.

How to become better? I look back at this and I remember reopening the box of art and never looking back. To this day I still imagine things that leave you speechless and hopefully, one day, I will make that happen.

Sometimes life beckons so much from us. We must find those special moments that are so simple yet so complex and spread that into everyone we meet.

We find that our purpose here is to be the reminder of how beautiful life can be.

-TodD Frazer


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