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In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood is currently obsessed with everything sequel, remake, or reboot. Some say it's because there are no original ideas anymore, but I'd cite recent films like Ex Machina, Inside Out, Night Crawler, and The Tree of Life (plus many more) as evidence to the contrary.

Typically, the movies that get sequels are the most successful at the box office, which unfortunately means The Fast and The Furious franchise is expected to make 3 more films. However, that doesn't mean that all sequels are unnecessary. I think most would agree that the Star Wars sequels were pretty worth while. I'm a fan of the entire Godfather trilogy as well as all three Toy Story films, and...I'm very excited Sicario 2 and the Ghostbuster's remake as well as The Huntsman sequel. Bite me.

With that being said, here are a few movies that I would like to see a sequel (or two) for:


Possible titles:

Interstellar 2: My Children are Disappointments- Murph's Story

This sequel would take place during the 80+ years that Matthew McConaughey's character was doing his darndest to get back to Earth and would focus on his daughter, Murph(!), and the consummate disappointments her children must have been after she saved the world. "Hey, mom! look! I got an A on my spelling test!"..."Great! (but like, super sarcastically) Let me know when you crack the time/gravity equation and save the human race."

Interstellar 2: It Was All a Dream

This one would really tickle Nolan's fancy, seeing as it could either be an interstellar or an Inception sequel.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me 2: It Follows

This is, of course, a horror movie about the resurrection of Marley's Spirit via a terrifying specter of the meta-physical plain that comes back to haunt Owen Wilson and his family as punishment for getting a new dog.

Marley & Me 2: Nose Job

Owen Wilson gets his nose fixed and his dog, Marley, doesn't recognize him. The whole movie is basically just Jennifer Aniston addressing the dog like its a human, begging him to accept that it's the same Owen as before.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook 2: I'm Sorry

It's just a video filmed on someone's cellphone showing Jennifer Lawrence giving her 2013 Oscar to Jessica Chastain and then apologizing for the weird mix-up.

The Martian

The Martian 2: Shit Taters!

Upon returning home from space, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) opens a gourmet restaurant where the only thing on the menu is potatoes grown in Kate Mara's shit.

The Martian 2: Honey, I Left Lewis on Saturn

Are you familiar with the 1998 film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? If so, it's irrelevant because the only similarities between that movie and this one is the use of the word "honey" at the beginning. In any case, Watney "accidently" leaves Commander Lewis on Saturn, and it's totally not a purposeful act of revenge at all.

Will & Grace

Will & Grace: The Movie

A movie adaptation of the hit show, Will & Grace, but with an all new cast! Hugh Laurie as Will, Selma Hayek as Grace, Idris Elba as Jack and the legendary Betty White as Karen.


Gravity 2: I'm Lost!

The movie picks up immediately where Gravity ended- Sandra Bullock wandering through a remote countryside after crash landing back on Earth. I expect another Oscar nomination for this one.


It's just a remake of the classic film, Gigli, with the same cast. I mean, you can't re-cast that chemistry.

The Help

This is the one I'm most interested in. I'm honestly wondering what's going on with those characters. How is Skeeter doing at her new job? Did her mom die? Did Celia have a kid? Is Abilene a writer? Is Hilly still a bitch?

Now I'm no Hollywood executive, but here are some possible titles I've been shopping around:

The Help 2: Hilly's Revenge

Hilly helps to get Donald Trump elected, and he mandates that How to Get Away With Murder be taken off the air.

The Help 2: More Shit Pie

Minnie is famous in the town of Jackson, Mississippi, for her chocolate pie, but her employer and friend Celia decides it's time for Minnie to take it national! Together, they set up a multi-million dollar chain of bakeries. "My God! This pie is delicious. Unique. I must ask, what is your secret ingredient?"...."Hehehehe."

The Help 2: Celia's So-Called Life

Full of angst, eye-rolls, sarcasm, and...interestingly enough, Jared Leto. A surprising turn for Celia, I know. For a twist, it's shot like an episode of The Office.

The Help 2: Surprise, Bitch! I'm Still Alive- Constantine's Story

...Fairly self explanatory

The Help 2: Fury Road

Here's the preliminary trailer.

Now I'm no expert, but I feel like the last one could be both a box office and critical success.


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