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I'm a terrible heathen for suggesting that I'd need to fan cast one of my top five favorite films in the world, but I'll just get out of the way that this is only an article for fun and speculation. I did my research, there are no current plans for remaking this classic, thank goodness. Without further ado, here are my choices for the trinity of primary charaters for a Jaws remake.

Andrew Lincoln as Chief Martin Brody

Known primarily for his role in AMC's The Walking Dead, Lincoln has exhibited a wide array of emotions in his acting. In the role of Sheriff Rick Grimes alone, he's been a family man, loyal friend, fierce protector, and downright scary madman. There are a couple things that make him a good fit for the police chief on Amity Island (totally different version of the sheriff, but apparently he's got a stereotype to me.)

Firstly, he looks like an average guy. He doesn't have an extreme physique and is nothing close to an action star. Second, he has a wide range of characteristics he brings to a role. The role of Chief Brody builds upon not only a family dynamic, with his wife and two kids at home, but that of a guardian who can't help but assume the role of hunter when a threat looms over the population. Lincoln is a fantastic fit for this role.

Cillian Murphy as Dr. Matt Hooper

Another actor with a very wide range of roles, Murphy is known primarily for his roles in The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and 28 Days Later. Murphy has been an incredible actor for over a decade and doesn't tend to be the hero type very often, aside from his bout with rage-infected people in one of my favorite zombie (sorta) films ever.

He's of an average build, so he wouldn't look like anything special, but he's got more than enough talent to bring to the table as marine biologist, Matt Hooper. He's a terrific actor in whatever role he takes on, he brings a dynamic presence to the screen, and he wouldn't be the hero in this case, but he'd be a great asset to the team to hunt down the killer great white.

James Spader as Quint

Known most recently for his roles in Avengers: Age of Ultron and NBC's The Blacklist, Spader has been a dominating force in every role he's been given for more than a decade. Portraying the villain in both of the previously mentioned roles, he's proved that he can be plenty intimidating for this role.

As Raymond "Red" Reddington in The Blacklist, he's a cold, calculating criminal who only works for his own selfish gain and that's already the majority of what this role would require. He's more than capable of portraying the shark hunter who acts the predator, not only fueled by money, but the thrill of the hunt itself.

As I said before, there are no current plans for a remake of 1975's Jaws, so this is just an article for entertainment purposes. This is a favorite of mine, and I feel that if it ever did come to a remake, then this is the cast I'd feel confident in. What movies do you think should be exempt from ever being remade?

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