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The Oscars buzzed this year with anticipation for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win an Oscar. With Leonardo jokes now out of the picture, many Oscar viewers are looking for whom they want to win Best Actor next year.

No, not you again, Leo.  Once was enough.
No, not you again, Leo. Once was enough.

Some people say Johnny Depp should finally get his Oscar, while others say it is even time for Edward Norton. But there was one name that was frequently mentioned at this year's Academy Awards that people realized truly deserved an award:

Will Smith!

Will Smith has already been nominated for Best Actor In A Leading Role at the Oscars twice — once in 2002 for Ali, and again in 2006 for The Pursuit of Happyness. He has not been nominated since. That's been 10 years without Will Smith earning a nomination. Although Smith is not my favorite actor in the whole world, I will admit there were many films in the past decade for which he certainly deserved a nomination.

In 2015, Smith starred in Focus and Concussion and performed phenomenally, especially in the latter. He is a great actor who has not been given enough recognition over the years, but this year and the next may be the years to truly change that.

Right now, Will Smith is filming a movie titled Collateral Beauty. This, unlike some of his more recent films like Suicide Squad and Men in Black 3, is a full drama. The story is about a New York ad man (Will Smith) who encounters a tragic event that sends him into a downhill spiral (source).

As we all know, the Academy loves tragedies, especially when it comes to economics. Their love for economics is seen through the nominations of movies like The Big Short, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and American Hustle. The Academy's love for tragedy dramas, however, is even more apparent, especially with the three most recent Best Picture winners: 12 Years A Slave, Birdman, and Spotlight. Though these movies aren't tragedies throughout, they are all about tragedy having an effect on the lives of the characters (slavery, loss of fame, child molestation).

In addition to having the right plot, Collateral Beauty seems to have the perfect Academy-seeking cast and crew. Will Smith may be the star, but the film also features Oscar winning actresses Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren, Oscar nominated actress Keira Knightley, and Oscar nominated actor Edward Norton. This cast, beloved by the Academy, is sure to get attention at next year's Oscars.

The crew is also sure to win some attention. The film is directed by Oscar winner Allan Loeb, so that should surely catch the Academy's attention. And to top it off, they even have an Oscar nominated sound mixer, Danny Michael, on board. The Academy apparently has a thing for sound, as they now have two categories for it.

After the uproar this year, I'm sure the Academy will be quick to cover their butt. Many people are furious with them for not nominating any people of color. This year, the Academy will really take this seriously by adding more diverse members to their group.

With this new eye for diversity, and simply to get haters off of their back, I'm sure that the Academy will be quick to snatch up Will Smith for this role.

Otherwise Chris Rock may guilt the audience more
Otherwise Chris Rock may guilt the audience more

Collateral Beauty comes out December this year (about the same time Leo's The Revenant came out last year), so I'm sure Will Smith will be fresh on the Academy's mind when they choose their nominations.

With an Oscar winning cast and an Oscar winning director, Collateral Beauty is bound to get some buzz at next year's Academy Awards. Will Smith is bound to get a nomination, and knowing his amazing talent, 2017 may finally be the year that Will Smith puts that Oscar on his shelf.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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