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Brandon Adams

As we are getting farther in season 6 in the Walking Dead many comic readers are wondering what is going to happen with Negan and his group. As we saw in the comics Negan murders Glenn but many are asking if this will happen in the show many are thinking that Daryl will take the place of him and be mutilated or will Glenn face his fate and be killed in front of the love his life. We don't know yet of course but there is another subject being brought up which would be what will happen to Abraham. As we know in the comics he starts cheating with a woman named Holly and Rosita is torn. She goes to live with Eugene and he is thrilled because he feels for her and likes her. Abraham begins to feel guilty more than ever he goes to talk to her and he ends up talking to Eugene who says she seems more happy with him implying that Eugene and Rosita are a "thing" well Abraham and Eugene go out to look at the places Eugene found in the phone book that could help them keep making bullets and Abraham telling him that it's ok that Eugene and Rosita are becoming something and it's all ok. That's when Abraham is shot through the top of his head ending his conversation and his life and that's when the saviors return to show they mean business. Well in the show we see Sasha might be replacing Holly and that means we might see Abraham pass here soon in maybe one of the next episodes. Many think they wouldn't do that he's like another Dayrl loved by many and they just wouldn't do that... well we have seen Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman follow through with some catastrophic scenes to kill characters off. There might some hope though, they left out a large part of the comics which would be Carl looses his memory after the shot to his eye. He remembers a lot but he forgets his mom and Judith were killed and Rick is faced with the issue if telling him about that again. Well what if this is a sighn they are changing this season a bit. Well many fans are excited to see these characters go but others won't watch the show without them and maybe the next time you watch you will be suprised to see one of them go but maybe it won't be the person you thought.


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