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Casting announcements have always caused controversy, but most of all, comicbook castings have caused the most controversy. Whether the hate comes from informed opinions or not is really up to the person, but generally there’s a generally negative vibe to these things. Although, in the past, these feelings have been proved wrong. Heath Ledger completely smashed expectations when he broke onto the screen as the Joker, and the casting of Jared Leto was reviled right up until the trailer which made people feel almost entirely like it. So, here for you are the 10 comicbook castings (and 2 honourable mentions) that I personally feel people will regret hating on, and giving reasons behind why I think this. I haven’t included Jared Leto since his negative to positive turn-around has already happened, and these will be going down in terms of how much fans hate the casting and just how wrong they’ll be:

10. Tom Holland (Spider Man)

Tom Holland’s casting as Spider Man has been pretty much forgotten, since not much was announced about it in recent months. However, whenever the casting is brought up, there’s still arguments as to whether he’ll make a good Spider Man. In In the Heart of the Sea Tom Holland plays with a nervousness that one could attribute to Peter Parker and while I personally haven’t seen any of his other work, he could still end up becoming a breakout star, just like Daisy Ridley in Star Wars late last year.

9. Stephen Amell (Casey Jones)

A lot of people dislike Stephen Amell in Arrow for some reason. From what I can deduce from internet comments, it’s how he plays lighthearted Oliver Queen, as opposed to the darkness. Although, Casey Jones has a lot of darkness to him, and Stephen Amell is a better actor (which I honestly don’t think he needs to be) from when he first took on the Arrow role (which he really couldn’t change too much since it was already how the character acted).

8. Will Smith (Deadshot)

Now, I haven’t seen Concussion. From what I’ve heard, it’s a return for Will Smith. A “return” would suggest that he’s back to his classic greatness. He’s proved how good he is comedy while still being awesome in Men In Black (which is integral to being any member of the Suicide Squad) and has really displayed his dramatic potential and ability to garner sympathy from the audience in Pursuit of Happyness and ‘iRobot’, and with sympathy being a large part of what the trailers are suggesting the film will be like, he could actually work really well.

7. Ezra Miller (The Flash)

I’ll be honest, I’m one of the people who isn’t too sure about this casting, but I’m not too interested in the film as of yet to actually check out his previous work, although his interviews have thus suggested a passion for the character.

6. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Another one that I’m not too sure of, I trust Gal Gadot to deliver a good performance as Wonder Woman, although there is one thing about her Wonder Woman I’m very worried about: the character and story itself. So far from what we’ve seen, the story isn’t really giving us much, and the character of Wonder Woman is a hard one to get right. I’m putting her on the list though because people are hating her for how slim she is, although I don’t believe it’ll factor in to her performance at all.

5. Ben Affleck (Batman)

The most controversial casting on this list, this casting has divided people since its announcement, but I truly believe Ben Affleck will deliver a stellar performance and one needs to only turn to Argo or even (the source for a lot of the hatred) Daredevil to see that Ben Affleck can deliver both the character of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Although I do have one worry about how he’s handled, and that’s the actual direction of the film he’s in. Plus, there’s never really been a “bad” Bruce Wayne or Batman.

4. Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor)

Jesse Eisenberg is a fantastic performer who can play nervous (like in Adventureland) or controlling (like in Social Network), while also being able to play passive well (from his brief role in Modern Family). The controversy over this casting died down over time but was recently reinvigorated by a trailer showing his more joking/nervous/whimpy side to the character. Although, I totally blame this yet again on outward direction from someone else. So maybe Jesse Eisenberg won’t play the Lex Luthor people expect him to, but he’ll play the hell out of the character that is written and directed into the story.

Honourable Mention 1- Oscar Issacs (Apocalypse)

I really loved Oscar Issacs in Star Wars. I think he’s a great performer and he’ll play Apocalypse in a great way. People seem to have a problem with the accent he’s using, but I honestly don’t think it’ll come much into it. Especially since nobody really had a problem that Hugh Jackman didn’t really have a Canadian accent for Wolverine, Ajax (from Deadpool) is Canadian and not British and Black Widow (from Avengers) doesn’t sound like she was raised in Russia for even a little bit. The reason he’s an honourable mention though, is that he’s hated the most because of how his Apocalypse looks. That wasn’t his choice, and it’s not going to change. People should get over how he looks, which honestly isn’t even that bad anyway, and acknowledge how he HIMSELF will play the character. Remember, this is the same studio and franchise that cast Patrick Stewart as Xavier, Ian McKellan as Magneto, Michael Fassbender as young Magneto, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (who people only seem to hate because he’s either too handsome or too tall to play Wolverine, which is just insane) and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, among others that I won’t mention because they’re less agreed on, but you’d have to agree on at least one.

Honourable Mention 2- Finn Jones (Iron Fist)

An incredibly recent announcement, Finn Jones was announced as playing Iron Fist. Being in no way a fan of Game of Thrones, I consequently know nothing much about Finn Jones’ acting. But I still find the hatred for his casting absolutely ludicrous. Why? Because the hatred isn’t because of his acting ability, it’s because of his race. Yes, a white person was cast in a white role and that is call for outrage for some reason. This casting reaction comes after a slow descent into madness caused by a longing by people to have “representation” in superhero media. Aside from the fact that Iron Fist is a white character (and that actually comes into his story), there are already Asian characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ll tell you what there are none of? Indians. Being Indian myself, I personally don’t understand what the big deal is about “representation” (and I’ve NEVER had any likeable Indian role models in any media I watched), but if people really want it, why force it on white characters? It’s fine to make a female Thor, because that’s a different character. It’s fine to make an Asian Hulk, because that’s a different character. It’s fine to make a female and then a Muslim Ms Marvel, because they’re different characters. But they’re saying this is Daniel Rand. I’m not sure about his acting ability, but for what he’s being hated on, I’m sure he’ll bypass that. That's why he's an honourable mention. By the way, thinking that a martial artist role should be played by an Asian is in itself racist.

1. Channing Tatum (Gambit)

Here it is, the one everyone seemed to have forgotten about, but yet generated almost only hate. Gambit is a charming character (as Channing Tatum is in real life, and in the 21 Jump Street franchise) who can be a funny guy (like in the 21 Jump Street franchise again) and can be cool and action-heavy (like in, the honestly underrated, White House Down). Channing Tatum has displayed a love for the character and a longing to do the character justice (right up to the Cajun accent). The last time we saw such love for a character was recently actually, with the acclaimed Deadpool which succeeded heavily because of the way he played the character.

So what do you think? Will these actors surprise us? Who will be good? Who will be bad? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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