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In the year 2000, the superhero movie genre changed. It was legitimized. It became one of the most profitable genres in film history. What happened in the year 2000? Fox and Marvel comics came together and created: X-Men. Not only did the superhero genre begin to take off, Marvel started to become a household name. Before X-Men, Batman and Superman ruled the theaters. Sadly, the 1986 film, Howard the Duck, didn't take off and launch multiple Marvel cinematic universes. After X-Men though, movie companies began competing for their slice of the pie. After what is now 16 years of business deals, and meetings, and contracts, the Marvel universe has been divided between two companies. Fox owns the X-Men and the Fantastic 4. Marvel (now owned by Disney) gets the rest (Spider-man's situation is complicated, but for the sake of time, Disney gets to use him). Is this such a bad thing? What do we really lose because of this?

Epic Romances

Marvel Comics has some epic 'power' couples. Cyclops and Jean Grey are a classic pair. Spider-Man and Mary Jane define love at first sight. What about Black Panther and Storm? He's a crucial member of the Avengers, while she is a member, and the leader of the X-Men. In the comics, they fall in love as children, which leads to them getting married as adults. Later they divorce, after an attack on Black Panther's home nation Wakanda, by the mutant Namor. Will we ever get to see this tragic love story? Currently no. Fox owns Storm and Disney owns Black Panther. Their situation's almost Shakespearean.

Two companies, both alike in dignity,

In fair California, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutant-iny,

Where civil war makes civil hands unclean.

From forth the source material of these two foes

A pair of star-cross'd lovers are forced apart;

Whole misadventured piteous overthrows

Do with their death bury their parent company's strife.

It's just sad. Epic, super-powerful, team-crossing, romance is being pulled apart, by two overly rich companies and their lawyers. Tis truly a shame.

Epic Battles

You know the Hulk. He's basically indestructible. You know Wolverine. He's also basically indestructible. Would it be endlessly entertaining to see these two fight it out? The correct answer is yes. That's why Marvel Comics has pit them against each other on multiple occasions. Not just in comics either. They've had animated films and episodes of TV shows, solely dedicated to their battles. Will we ever see this on the big screen?! Again, according to current agreements, no. Marvel could do a whole movie called "The Time Nick Fury Asked Wolverine To Kill The Hulk And They Fought For Two And A Half Hours", and we would all pour into theaters on a Thursday night with $20 bills in our hands. In other words, every fan wants this, and every company involved would make a TON of money if Marvel and Fox would learn to share characters!

Epic Friendships

Have you ever noticed that people love it when celebrities are friends? If you haven't, google Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. Read a few Entertainment Weekly articles, I'll wait... Okay, so people LOVE when two separate famous entities are friends. Another example is the fact that they made 3 crossover specials between Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Odd Parents. We eat this stuff up! Now what if I was to tell you that Spider-Man and Human Torch were besties? That's right- they've been friends since 1963 and are often there for each-other in their times of need.

Spider-Man is friends with the Human Torch, which is cool, but what if I told you he was involved in a super-friendship with someone even cooler? "Who?" you ask? Spider-man has famously teamed up with the one, and only, Deadpool on many occasions. Do we not all want to see a Spider-man/Deadpool/Human Torch buddy comedy? This is also currently impossible. Isn't this getting annoying?! Now you know how I feel.

Epic Events

Marvel's coming out with a new movie pretty soon. You may have heard of it. It's called Captain America: Civil War. Doesn't it look COOL?! Aren't you excited?! Civil War is actually a famous comic story-line as well. It doesn't just feature the Avengers, like in the movie. It features the Avengers, X-Men, AND Fantastic Four all fighting for their rights, or lack thereof. You think that sounds awesome? Another comic series featured the Avengers, warring against the X-Men, culminating in the two teams coming together to defeat the Dark Phoenix. No, I'm not kidding, that's a real comic series, and yes, it is amazing. Sadly, we'll never see any of this cool stuff. Why? Fox and Disney won't play nice in the sand box.

What Can We Do About This?

As the audience, we all tend to follow along with whatever the film companies release. In reality, we have all the power. If all of us Marvel fans come together, we could change this situation. Share this article with your friends and use . Let's make a difference! Let's come together as fans and tell Marvel what we want! We can do this if we work as a team! Let's 'assemble' and tell Disney and Fox we're tired of the Marvel Universe being split. We want to see the whole family back together! How will you fight for ? Tell us your ideas on getting the word out in the comments below!


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