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On the last episode of Shadow Hunters we got to finally see that long awaited kiss between Clary and Jace. Hip hip hurray! Que the Fireworks! Jump for glee! I am sure that was the best part of the episode for most of you. However, the most intense moment for me was the ending. Simon! Did Camille just kill him?


Will Simon become a vampire in the upcoming episode or is he dead?

I for one was smacking my head making the doh! sound when Camille told Simon that the affects he was feeling were normal and would wear off soon. But it was too late because he made the mistake of going back to Hotel DuMort. The final scene showed Camille, fangs a ready, head right for Simon.

I think it's safe to say he's a vampire ya'll.

Simon taking a drink.
Simon taking a drink.

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