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SPOILER ALERT: Careful for Spoilers if you haven't seen the latest episode of Supergirl, titled "Solitude".. You have been WARNED!

Now that we have got that out of the way, let's talk about tonight's episode of Supergirl. In this episode, we saw Supergirl travel to The Fortress of Solitude.

Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel
Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel

Yes! The Fortress of Solitude. If you don't know what the Fortress of Solitude is, The Fortress of Solitude is the place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman, which, traditionally, is located in the Arctic.

James Olsen took Supergirl to the.. Or rather Supergirl LITERALLY took him to the Fortress of Solitude to seek answers about an alien going by the name of Indigo.

The Fortress of Solitude is a very important place in the Superman Universe. And Supergirl visiting that place is Huge.

We also got to see a Legion flight ring in this episode. The same as we got to see a few episodes back on The Flash. Is Legion of Superheroes going to play an important part in this universe?

Let me know what you thought about this episode.

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