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A few weeks ago we were introduced to a new enemy on the Vampire Diaries. Episode 712 introduced Vampire Hunter Rayna Cruz played by Leslie-Ann Huff. I for one will admit that I nearly passed out when I saw her at the end of the episode. She looked astonishingly like Nina Dobrev. I was convinced that she had come back to reprise her role as Elena and this Rayna Cruz character was just some mystery.

However, I was truly let down when I found out that it was not in fact Nina Dobrev. Don't get me wrong, Leslie-Ann Huff does an amazing job but I miss Nina and her role as Elena Gilbert, lover to God- like creature Damon Salvatore.

Please Nina, get over your drama with Ian and come back to the show. We miss you!


Do you think Nina Dobrev will ever come back to the show?

I found it hilarious on episode 713 when Damon came face to face with Rayna for the first time and told her that she looked freakishly like his girlfriend and her dead doppelgangers. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.


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