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You'd think everything Hollywood's glitterati put their names to goes up in lights instantly, right? Like the second a video featuring them is uploaded to YouTube the hits would start rolling in.

As you'll see below that is not always the case. With the exception of one video below (included because you need it in your life, trust me), all these snippets are absolutely golden yet (on the grand scale of things) failed to rake in views.

Watch and ask WHY are they so under appreciated?

1. Daniel Radcliffe gets all Moaning Myrtle

Views: 30,000

Close your eyes and take in Daniel Radcliffe tell the haunting story of a life harassed by a relentless female ghost.

2. Tom Cruise's mission is clearly impossible

Views: 16,000

Laugh at Tom Cruise as he fails to recognize catchphrases from his movies. How this only has 16,000 views is totally beyond me.

3. Mark Ruffalo's mad circus skills

Views: 48,931

This is the HULK on a UNICYCLE. What is not to love?!

4. Can you hear Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, David Koechner And Paul Rudd 'Roar'?

Views: 15,520

Not enough people have heard these guys cover Katy Perry.

5. Sarah Paulson is everyone

Views: 110,000

Because we're all like diggy diggy dong diggy diggy dong.

6. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost flush birthday cake down the toilet

Views: 279,350

Such high levels of decadence going on here.

7. Snoop Dogg gets gamers rage

Views: 378,745

Yes Bill Gates, what are you doing?

8. Snoop Dogg hangs out with Welsh farmer

Views: 2,656,126

I think 2 million of these views are me so technically the numbers are wrong. Anyway all will be forgiven when you see how GLORIOUS this clip is.

9. Louis Theroux with Adam & Joe bring the groove

Views: 338,703

So '90s can't even handle how good this is.

FYI: Louis Theroux is master documentarian and Adam & Joe are British comedians/writers. Appreciate.

What's your favorite secret celebrity video?

Source: listverse


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