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Although nobody wants their childhood favorites ruined by a questionable reboot, we must face that we're living in an age when the revival of beloved classics is the go-to thing. And as anger inducing as it can be to have great and nostalgia riddled movies ruined by Hollywood remakes, every now and again a twinkling light appears on the horizon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to Cruel Intentions is one of those twinkling lights. It was announced last week that she was returning to helm the sequel series as queen bitch of the '90s, Kathryn Merteuil, and this news got us riding the nostalgia wave. Hard.

The spin off is a TV series taking place 15 years after the movie's conclusion, but to be honest it could take place 24 hours later because just look at her face:

She has barely aged a day!

This got us thinking of our other favorite '90s teen queens and the characters we'd totally love to see brought back to the screen. These guys, for example:

1. Alicia Silverstone - 'Clueless'

Character: Cher Horowitz

Although Alicia Silverstone is apparently over all mentions of Cher Horowitz now thank you very much - as if!! - that doesn't mean the rest of us have to be. Let's sporadically bring back yellow plaid suits, shall we?

2. Rachael Leigh Cook - 'She's All That'

Character: Laney Boggs

I for one could totally picture her getting back in the basement and painting some super angsty portraits of Freddie Prince Jr.

3. Drew Barrymore - 'Never Been Kissed'

Character: Josie Gellar

No she is not Josie Grossy anymore! It's 16 years after Never Been Kissed and Drew Barrymore is still a radiant picture of youth.

4. Larisa Oleynik - '10 Things I Hate About You'

Character: Bianca Stratford

I think it's pretty clear to everyone involved that Larisa Oleynik still loves her Prada backpack.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt - 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

Character: Julie James

Let's talk about how Jennifer Love Hewitt should absolutely be involved in the I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot. In fact, it's pretty rude she isn't IMO.

6. Kirsten Dunst - 'Bring It On'

Character: Torrance Shipman

Kirsten Dunst could and would still look hot in a cheerleading outfit. If you ever come back; I got the door, Torr!

7. Winona Ryder - 'Reality Bites'

Character: Lelaina Pierce

Winona forever, tbh, especially Reality Bites-era Winona who should be the style inspiration for your life.

8. Liv Tyler - 'Empire Records'

Character: Corey Mason

Yes Corey was a bit annoying but that's not the question here. She's another one on this list who totally rocked a plaid mini and still could 21 years later.

9. Robin Tunney - 'The Craft'

Character: Sarah Bailey

Think how many glorious wayward gothic teens could have been saved from harm if Sarah Bailey was still around to wrap them in white ribbons? THINK.

Who's your ultimate '90s teen queen?


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