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With the recent, and ongoing success of Deadpool studio executives have slammed their fist and demanded an R rating of most of the things on their superhero slate and the moment. Such as, announcing that an R rated cut of Batman vs. Superman:Dawn of Justice will be released and that Wolverine 3 will be R rated, fans of the comic book's rejoice as everywhere and teens everywhere moan because they will once more have to sneak into a theater. But are all these films being R rated really a great idea ? Here a few reasons why I think that it isn't such a great idea.

Before I start though, just need to clarify that this is great news for everyone and I am excited to finally see this happen. But this article is on why all the upcoming films shouldn't be R rated.

1. The Story or Character Might Not Demand It

Wolverine vs. Superman
Wolverine vs. Superman

While some heroes' and villains' story lines out there are extremely violent and definitely R rated such as Old Man Logan and various others, more often than not, comics are relatively clean. Now this is quite a broad statement as even occasionally all of them will participate in some rather R rated action. For example, a few characters are rarely 'R rated' such as Spiderman or Green Lantern.

So if the story line that the film is being based off isn't R rated why should the movie? If characters begin to change so drastically that all of there morals and beliefs are changed because of a few extra dollars that is when we have to step back and think. Why are we even doing this? If not to convey the character's story.

2. R ratings shouldn't become a goal

A character like superman for example rarely swears or participates in sexual activity (with a few exceptions of course, one pictured above) so why should a foul mouthed sex loving Superman be crammed in just to secure that R rating ? Using the example of Superman, the only reason a Superman movie should be R is for the hard violence that the man of steel both gives and receives. If the film is made, and an R rating is not received, don't fill it up swearing and sex just to secure the R rating.

3. A perfect balance is hard to come by

Jessica Jones and Daredevil are both perfect examples of when an R rating should and shouldn't be used. I think that these shows conjured up a perfect balance of when the story and character demanded and what the fans wanted. But will this perfect balance cross over to the cinematic universe? I highly doubt it. It is easier to find balance in a 40 minute episode than a 2 hour film. Deadpool being an exception of course.

4. Success is rarely replicated

In rare instances is the wide success of a film replicated. I imagine that the films following Deadpool's success will be no different. With almost every one oblivious to the real reason why Deadpool was successful, everyone including studios seem to beleive that it was because of the hard R rating. Everyone seems to forget though that an R rating can both be successful and go horrifically wrong. In this case, I think it will go horrifically wrong.

5. Things get old. Fast.

With superhero films being extremely popular for only the last 5 years, audiences and fans are already sick of the origin story, sending almost every superhero film into a shake up. If majority of the films coming out in the next few years are filled with bad language, sex and drugs, even the die hard fans will get tired eventually and call once more for the Captain.

6. Alienating audiences

I hate to be that guy. But if you are required to be 17 years or older to see a superhero movie that is going to alienate a large majority of the audience. The children / teens. You do have to give massive props to comic book movies for 'reinventing' comic books and bringing them back once more to popular culture. Making everything R rated will only send children and teens back to the next phase resulting in the comic industry to suffer.

To conclude, I am all for R rated superhero movies, as long as there is a balance. Not everything needs to be R rated. While some stories demand the rating, others don't. And that should be catered for. If not, R rated cuts on Blu - Rays are more than acceptable.


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