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In last week's episode of The Walking Dead, Jesus introduced Rick and the Alexandria group to the possibility of a trade partnership with the Hilltop Colony, and the seeds were sown for something to happen between Abraham and Sasha.

Gregory and Maggie: Not a match made in heaven
Gregory and Maggie: Not a match made in heaven

We were also treated to a few hints that Hilltop leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley) might be developing a bit of an obsession of sorts with Maggie, which would mirror their creepy story arc in the comics.

AMC has generously quenched our thirst by dropping both a teaser trailer and a minute-long clip for Season 6, Episode 12, "Not Tomorrow Yet." First, let's take a look at the clip, which sees Rick attempting to persuade the gang of the benefits of that trade deal.

"We're getting food, eggs, butter, fresh vegetables — but they're not just giving it away."

The simple truth is that both communities have something the other needs. Rick's group in Alexandria needs livestock, medicine, food; the guys at Hilltop have all that, but need the artillery of Rick and the gang to win one of their men back from the Saviors.

It might be a question of mutual trust, but neither party is exactly swimming in options at this point, meaning this uneasy alliance looks like the only way to go if anyone is to survive the impending threat of Negan. Still, is it really wise for Rick and friends to wander into the lion's den?

Let's also take a look at the brief teaser trailer:

This one mainly consists of footage from the clip, along with a few shots teasing the trip in the RV, and plans being drawn up to map out an attack. Finally, we see the team infiltrate a seemingly abandoned building, weapons in hand. You'd be crazy to imagine that this little mission will go entirely smoothly.

Last but not least, check out a couple of stills from the episode, both taken once the group leave the (relatively) safe haven of the RV. We see Carol looking badbass, as per, and Rick taking in his surroundings.

So that's just a little taste of what you can expect from "Not Tomorrow Yet." The Walking DeadSeason 6 continues this Sunday, March 6, on AMC.


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