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If you thought [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) was crowded, wait until you get a load of [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027). The two-part conclusion to Marvel's Avengers trilogy will be released in 2018 and 2019, meaning that the Earth's Mightiest Heroes we know and love will be joined by some fresh-faced newbies. Most notably, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel will join the gang, along with Black Panther and Ant-Man (and maybe even Evangeline Lilly's Wasp).

That's like... so many Avengers. Not to mention the expected team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, another possible team up with Netflix's Defenders, and the inclusion of new characters we still don't know about.

The Avengers will have plenty of new friends.
The Avengers will have plenty of new friends.

Because of this epic cast list, the Russo brothers (who are directing Infinity War) have made a few jokes and tongue-in-cheek comments in responses to pre-emptive criticisms.

Chill Guys, They're Kidding

The comment which started everything off was made at last month's Wizard World Comic Con (in New Orleans), as Joe Russo defended his brother Anthony's slip up (he referred to Peggy Carter as 'Sharon Carter,' which is clearly a crime).

"We have so many characters we're dealing with. We're breaking ground on Avengers: Infinity War. We have a board with 67 characters on it. You have to forgive him."

'67???!!!' exclaimed the Internet. And immediately fans went wild with speculation about which characters from the Marvel Comics Joe Russo could have been referring to.

Well I'm willing to bet Wolverine won't appear.
Well I'm willing to bet Wolverine won't appear.

Now Wizard World Comic Con has moved to Cleveland, and the directors were once again put upon to explain their remarks. And it seems as though there might have been a slight miscount. According to's report...

"The movie features 68 distinct characters, not 67."

I mean, Thanos is probably Marvel's most epic and powerful villain, so it would take an army to defeat him. But 68 distinct Avengers? There's gonna be some overcrowding issues.

But joking aside, the Russos stressed that they won't lose the grounded, personal perspective that they've become known for.

This Is Still A Character-Driven Movie

Although it would be easy in Infinity War to get caught up in the high-stakes action, the potentially universe-spanning plot, and fight scenes we all expect to be grandiose at least, the Russos are still all about the characters. reported on Joe Russo's statement...

"We have to tell a story and that story has to be built around the characters’ emotional arcs. And we can only have so many of those." Rather than fleshing out each individual, the film will focus on a handful of characters, and many superheroes will play ancillary roles, he said.
It's still about these guys, don't worry.
It's still about these guys, don't worry.

So it looks like even though Infinity War will feature plenty of new characters, the film will still be driven by a core few characters that the audience is emotionally invested in. Which is exactly what the film needs to be awesome.

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