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Big Finish? what is that you might say? Well I will tell you if you have the time to read this, since 1998. A small team and company in London have been working day in day out non stop producing thousands of hours of wonderful audio dramas by hiring some of the best actors, writers, directors, sound engineers, cover artists in the buisness to produce wonderful dramas for everybody to enjoy. With the goal of achiving the rights from the BBC to get the license for Doctor Who after starting with adapting Bernice Summerfield novels. Bernice who? you might say if you have never heard of her. Bernice Surprise Summerfield, the original archeologist companion to The Seventh and Eighth incarnations of The Doctor though mainly during the 1990's was a companion to The Seventh Doctor on his travels with Ace.

Lisa Bowerman and Nicholas Courtney
Lisa Bowerman and Nicholas Courtney
The Beginning
The Beginning

Adapting novels was just the start, a year later in 1999 Big Finish had the rights to access the worlds of Doctor Who and it started with the first Doctor Who adventure they produced which was The Sirens of Time.

For a beginners pack, i would suggest this if your diving into the worlds of audio for the first time. You get a jack pot of Three Doctors together, Gallifrey and a whopper for a starter.

Though not the first Tom Baker story released, it is the first of the Fourth Doctor Adventures as The Doctor, it is a true joy to be at the start of the range that welcomed his Doctor to his brand spanking own series of adventures.

The start of a long running arc, and well worth it. Paul McGann wonderfully reprises the role of The Doctor last seen in 1999 San Fransisco (1996 in our time). New start, new adventures waiting to begin and with Charley in tow it is the start of a great paring.

At the heart of the battle in the time war, without spoling it. This dives into the world of The War Doctor and i must say it is a privalge to have heard this set. Over time this arc will run three stories per set and it kicks off very well. Really enjoyable and for those who want more from this Doctor, you will not be dissapointed.

Coming in May, The Doctor and the best temp in Chiswick are back for brand new adventures and it shall be enjoyable to hear the duo return once more.

Torchwood, Vienna, Bernice Summerfield, Iris Wildthyme, Companion Chronicles, The Early Adventures. Wonderful spin off ranges, would recommend checking those out ;)

But for those who aren't over keen on Doctor Who, which would be shocking. Big Finish also produce spin-offs and over ranges including adaptations (The Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, Phantom of The Opera, Cranacki, Dracula), The Martian Chronicles, Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gray, Blake's 7, Terrahawks, Dark Shadows and so many more wonderful ranges. Big Finish's team or actors regularly attend conventions around the world and Big Finish mainly have an in house convention in Slough co-organised by 10th Planet Events. It is the only event that celebrates the company by having actors, writers, directors, cover artists, sound designers and the merchandise housed in one place for one single day. Big Finish Day 9 will not be housed this year and will return in 2017.

If you are a fan of the worlds of audio or new to it and not sure what to pick from. Start easy. My recomandation for anyone new to this world is either start with the companion chronicles or the fourth doctor adventures as they help ease you into the world of quality drama, but that's just me.

Keep up to date at for more news and updates on releases and events for where you can meet the team. Wonderfully they just announced recently of River Song meeting The Sixth and Seventh Doctors, Classic Doctors vs New Monsters 2 and The Churchill Years: Volume 2 set. More is to come, Big Finish We Love Stories.


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