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Happy March, everyone. Spring is just around the corner, which means Summer is in sight (sort of). A BIG thank you to all the Creators who joined us for the Oscars last weekend. Can you believe Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Academy Award for his contribution to cinema? It's only been 22 years since his first nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Alright, moving on. It has been yet another amazing week for Creators with lots of fantastic posts by some of our new Creators. I encourage you to check out the following 10 posts that made it into this week's list.

What If The Game Of Thrones Characters Were Cute & Cuddly? BY Lelleco

Game of Thrones fans rejoice, the show is coming back in just over 2 months. I can't wait to see what kind of madness awaits us this season. Creator Lelleco is a huge fan of the show. She's seen all the seasons, has read all the books and can't wait to find out what's up with Jon Snow. In honor of the show, Liene has created fantastic Game of Thrones dolls. The best part about em? They're are hand stitched using up-cycled, vintage and reclaimed fabrics. How cool is that? Be sure to check them out!

How Canst Thou Live Deliciously: The Underlying Feminist Themes of The Witch BY Correy Pigeon

"Horror films have never been focused on the empowerment of their main characters, much less if those characters are women." If you've watched The Witch or are planning to and aren't afraid of spoilers then I'd encourage you to stop what you're doing and to check out Creator Correy Pigeon interesting article about the feminist themes in this highly anticipated horror flick. We'd also love to hear what YOU thought of The Witch so be sure to leave a comment on Correy's article.

An Unconventional Superman Tale: Why Kurt Busiek's 2004 Series Is Still One of the Best BY Eric Montoya

Well hello there, comic book fan. Boy, have I got a great article for you. As the title of his article already suggests, Creator Eric Montoya is a huge fan of Kurt Busiek's 2004 Superman series and he's here to tell you why you should be too. Now, I've got to be honest, I know very little about comic books and so I will leave you with a tiny snippet from Eric's interesting article, "a more specific reason to pick this gem-of-a-book up is this: it nails the very things that make an honest Superman story great".

The Great Presidential Dog Candidates BY Caroline Marks

There's a lot going on in the United States at the moment, but according to New Creator Caroline Marks, "the important thing today is to pick the right candidate for you". I'm going to have to agree with her. To mix it up, Caroline has created a series of dogs. That's right, presidential dogs that'll either make you want to adopt (their policies), or run the other way screaming. Barko Rubio sounds like a pretty fetching candidate, doesn't he? And what about Furnie Saunders? Be sure to check 'em out!

Middle Earth Stamps BY Yvonne Michaelides

The first thought that came to mind when I first laid eyes on new Creator Yvonne Michaelides' stamps was: WHERE CAN I BUY THESE?! As a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's books and film adaptions, Yvonne chose to illustrate a set of stunning stamps which showcase some of the most prominent landmarks of Middle Earth. From Mordor to Rohan, and from Rivendell all the way to The Shire, no place has been forgotten.

James Bond's Dopest Gadgets BY Patrick Green

Suave, swagger, badass - I'm sure all these terms have, at one point in time, been used whilst referring to the one and only James Bond. Another thing 007 is known for is his cool gadgets. From his expensive cars to his fancy watch, the man has got it all. New Creator Patrick Green has compiled a list of some of our favorite secret agent's dopest gadgets, and I have to admit, DOPE they are. I'm talking dangerous boom boxes and shooting cigarettes here. Be sure to check out Patrick's article.

15 Reasons We Want Agent Carter Season 3 BY Gigi Ezeldin

Rumor has it Hayley Atwell won't rule out Season 3 of Marvel's Agent Carter, and neither do the fans. The show's been well-received by many and I for one would love to see them return with a badass 3rd season, and i'm not the only one. For those unfamiliar with the show, Creator Gigi Ezeldin is here to tell you what makes Agent Carter a show YOU should be watching too. Did I mention Chad Michael Murray stars in it, how's that for hashtag nostalgia? Jump on that hype train guys!

Speak of The Devil: A 'Daredevil' Fan Film BY K_Livingstone

There are two things i'm looking forward to this month and one of them is Daredevil season 2, which i've been waiting for since the second I finished binge watching season 1. I've got to be patient for another 2 weeks or so but luckily Creator Karl Livingstone is here to share his fan-friggin-tasic fan made Daredevil short with us. We definitely like you, Karl, you don't you worry about that. Great work! I encourage everyone to check out his article, to sit back and relax for 6 minutes and 50 seconds, and to simply enjoy the ride. You're not going to want to miss out on this one!

I Made A One-of-a-kind ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Monopoly Board Game BY Sonja Batušić

The following post by new Creator Sonja Batušić combines two things I am pretty crazy about: Lord of the Rings and games. Now, I have to admit i'm not the biggest fan of Monopoly but this one-of-a-kind edition might have just changed my mind. Sonja loves to create all kinds of handmade items, from costumes to notebooks, and she recently started to re-design board games. The result is fan-tas-tic, and if you're a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan then you'll want to check out Sonja's work.

Marvel v DC: Deadpool v Batman v Superman... All Stars v Low Tops? BY Christopher Robert

Marvel or DC, All Stars or low tops - those are some difficult decisions. This year, new Creator Christopher Robert from Creative Customs took it upon himself to focus on creating awesome kicks featuring some of our favorite superheroes, paying tribute to upcoming Marvel and DC movies. From Batman v Superman to the Merc with a Mouth, Mr. Deadpool himself, Christopher's All Stars are definitely KICKass (see what I did there?). Are you interested in learning more about his project, or perhaps owning one of these nice customs? You're only one click away!

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