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WARNING: Possible spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

Following the comedy of the episode before it, episode 11 of The Walking Dead really upped the drama when a whole new world was introduced to the residents of Alexandria.

The episode was exciting enough in itself, but for those of us who have been reading the comic series, it was amazing to see the black and white panels of issues 95 and 96 come to life in the TV series. Not only did the TV series manage to copy some of the settings exactly, but it also mirrored the movements, characters, and dialogue pretty closely as well.

Take a look below to see just how close episode 11 'Knots Untie' copied the comic series, and then be sure to let me know what your favorite comic-to-screen moment was in the comments below:

Hilltop Colony and Barrington House

Even before the gates of Hilltop opened it was clear that there were going to be a lot of scenes taken directly from the comics after the gate, guards, and dialogue were all pretty similar — right down to Jesus telling Rick that the guards get "a little antsy standing up there." However, when the gates finally did open and Hilltop Colony was finally revealed, the similarities were pretty awesome:

Nice, right? In the comic series, Hilltop houses around 200 people, and while it's clear that there aren't going to be anywhere near that amount in the TV series, the scaled down community and manor still manages to look just as imposing.

Much like the TV series, the comics also showed Hilltop community members going about their significantly more settled lives, tending to live stock and crops.

The return

Unlike the TV show, in the comic series it falls to Rick to talk to Gregory, though the show makes a return to the source material when Gregory is called outside to see a group who have just returned from meeting Negan, leading to this moment:

Pretty close, right?

Of course, Ethan's actions lead to the most dramatic scene of the whole episode when those from Alexandria immediately spring into action, culminating in....


That's right, Rick's "What?" moment was taken directly out of the comic series! from his jacket, to the slight return of the beard, to being covered in Ethan's blood, the scene was pretty much exactly the same.

Even the sound of Rick's blade slicing Ethan's neck and the blood pouring out of his neck was identical!

After Rick's take down of Ethan, he was decked by an angry townswoman, this moment also happened in the comics, though it was a man who threw the hit, and it was later on, during Ethan's funeral pyre.

Following Rick cutting Ethan's throat there was a scuffle with dialogue and actions almost exactly the same as in the comic series, culminating in the guards telling Rick to drop his gun and him replying "I don't think I will."

After the situation is defused by Jesus, he tells Rick in a line straight out of the comics that "things aren't as simple as they might seem. Just give me time."

Negan and the Saviors explained

After the scuffle outside, Rick and the gang go inside Barrington House, and Jesus begins an explanation of who Negan is, which is very similar to the one in the comics:

And Rick's proposal that his gang take care of Negan's men for Hilltop was also very similar, including the pretty bold line "confrontation has never been something we've had a lot of trouble with."

Damn, that's some statement!

Most of episode 11 mirrored issues 95 and 96 of the comic series. Considering that Negan's introduction happens in issue 100 of the comics, it certain feels like the countdown is on until the big bad of the comic series becomes the big bad of the TV series. Though we've been hearing hints that Negan could be seen on screen sooner rather than later, it seems most probable that it won't actually be until the Season 6 finale — so what will happen in the four episodes between then and now? I'm not entirely sure, but whatever it is I can't wait to find out.

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 12, 'Not Tomorrow Yet' on Sunday, March 6 on AMC.

Did you notice all the similarities to the comic series in 'Knots Untie'?



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