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Leonardo DiCaprio isn't the only celeb who used the Oscars as a platform to promote a good cause; Chris Rock might just be father of the year for inviting an LA Girl Scout troop into the 88th Academy Awards to sell cookies to the hungry stars.

Rock's younger daughter, Zahra, is a Girl Scout herself, and Rock told the audience:

"I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets, and I want you to buy some of my daughter's Girl Scout cookies."

And they did!

This was the real highlight of Leo's night: that classic cookie choice, the timeless Trefoil.

Mindy Kaling's box of Samoas didn't last long.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen tried the Savannah Smiles — a crispy lemon cookie covered in powdered sugar — and Teigen wasn't a fan.

Kate Winslet knows Tag-a-longs are true peanut-buttery goodness.

Aaron Rogers didn't mind the Savannah Smiles, but Olivia Munn was pumped about Thin Mints.

We know the feeling, Christian Bale. Seriously, everyone loves Thin Mints.

Even the Vice President wanted a snack.

And what did the Girl Scouts have to say about all this free publicity?

After the feeding frenzy, Rock brought the troop back on stage to announce that they had raised a whopping $65,243. And what are the girls going to do with all that dough? According to the Girl Scouts of America website:

This incredible effort will allow the troop to provide school supplies for thousands of foster kids in their community, and bring them one step closer to meeting their goals. (yes, yes, yes!), The girls also plan to expand their horizons by exploring new things through eye-opening painting classes, life-changing educational trips, and more. Oh what cookie money can do!

Way to go, girls!

What kind of Girl Scout cookies would you have gone for?

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