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You're eight years old. A fat kid with freckles jostles you in the school corridor so your shoulder bangs into the locker. "Watch it, squirt."

Another kid slams his hand into the bully's chest so he stumbles back, shock flashing across his pudgy face. "You touch my bro again and I'll make you pay."

You rest a hand on your brother's bunched bicep: "It's ok, Frank, I can take it from here." Then you walk slowly off down the hallway, pride intact.

Cheesy '90s fight-talk aside, this is the equivalent of what happened when the Stallone brothers reacted on social media to Sylvester losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Sylvester had been nominated for his reprisal of his role as Rocky in Creed, but Mark Rylance collected the award for Bridge Of Spies.

This was Frank Stallone's reaction:

Kinda sweet in a roundabout way, looking out for his brother. But the Tweets didn't stop there.

Had enough? Cos Frank hadn't.

The clarity began dissolving around this point.

Publications began poking fun at the tirade. Fortunately, Frank's a man:

Around this time on February 29, Sylvester felt the need to step in with an Instagram before someone got hurt.

Alongside the image was this message:

I'm very happy and please understand my brother is so em motional [sic] because he is just very protective and only wants the best for me. Life is good!

Sylvester had previously been nominated, without winning, for two Oscars for his iconic work in Rocky for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

Who needs an Oscar when you have made this
Who needs an Oscar when you have made this

As well as acting, Frank Stallone has worked as a jazz and pop musician and an amateur boxer. Here's one of his finest, written for 1983 film Staying Alive:

Watch the trailer for 'Creed':

Who are your favorite Hollywood siblings?

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