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You'd think that winning an Academy Award would finally make you exempt from a lifetime of ridicule, silly Internet memes and Photoshop battles, but it appears that for Leonardo DiCaprio, that's simply not the case.

In the run-up to the Oscars last Sunday night, social media was awash with hilarious jokes about whether or not poor Leo would finally scoop up the longed-for golden statue on the big night for The Revenant. We even came up with one of our own here at Moviepilot:

Yet when he finally reached the metaphorical finish line, to whoops and cheers from audiences all over the world, a new onslaught of good-natured Photoshop battles immediately commenced that targeted lovely Leo and his well-deserved win.

It all started with the following candid image of him sitting quietly behind-the-scenes and texting someone about his newly claimed Oscar (let's be real, he was probably messaging a Victoria's Secret model).

And the Internet being the Internet, instead of letting this wonderful man just do his thing and savour his long-awaited recognition, the moment had to be turned into a hilarious bunch of images. Here are some of the best:

1. Leo Being As Sad As A Sad Keanu (Even Though Duh, He Won!)

Oh, look at this woeful sight that could have been.

2. Matt Damon Creeping About And Stealing Leo's Big Gong

Just imagine how teary Leo would have been if Damon had actually won Best Actor for The Martian.

3. Chubby Bubbles Also Making A Getaway With His Prize

And now, perhaps the least flattering of them all...

4. Leo Taking A Post-Oscars Dump

Oh Internet, you naughty, naughty thing! Leave poor Leo alone!

Which pic was your favorite?



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