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No, it's not a new trailer, and yes, we need more clips before the movie comes out. But Marvel put out a nice piece of concept art for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War with this new calendar cover, giving us a good look at the two warring sides.

This New Calendar Shows A Full 'Civil War' Battle

The scene is a bit messier than the previous pictures that came out, breaking down the superheroes into two teams: Black Widow is all alone in her corner, while Hawkeye seems to be aiming at Black Panther and War Hammer is shooting Bucky. Meanwhile, The Falcon is going for Iron Man and The Vision for Ant-Man, who is riding a giant flying ant. Plus, the city in the background is basically in flames. Isn't that why they had to stop Captain America in the first place? What. A. Fight.

Need A Recap?

If you're lost in the Marvel universe, there are quite a few explanations that have been going around as to who is going to fight on which side and why, detailing the characters' motives and history. For example, Ant-Man, who was just recently introduced in the Ant-Man movie with Paul Rudd, fights on Captain America's side.

To add to the suspense, Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, has been regularly posting pictures of the ultimate face-off on Twitter. So here we are, still trying to get over the fact that Black Widow is siding against Captain America.

The End Of The Avengers As We Know Them

Captain America: Civil War shows the Avengers one year after the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Having to find a solution to the collateral damage created by superhero interventions, the Avengers are split in two. While Tony Stark supports a regulation of the team by the government, Captain America opposes him and ends up fighting Iron Man in his attempt to protect his long-time friend Bucky Barnes.

"He's my friend... – So was I"
"He's my friend... – So was I"

The movie is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2016. Until then, you can watch the trailer again here:

Whose side are you rooting for?

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