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WARNING: Possible spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

In episode 11 of The Walking Dead, the gang's world was hugely expanded after Jesus led the small flock back to his community named Hilltop. The realization that there were other communities similar to Alexandria seemed to blow the minds of Rick and co., but that was nothing to actually seeing the gates of Hilltop open.

However, it wasn't long until the Alexandrians figured out that all was not right in Hilltop and, following a supply drop gone wrong, Gregory, the ineffectual leader of the community, was stabbed as part of a "message" from Negan. Can't get enough of that savage scene? Watch it again:

The scene opened with only part of a group returning from dropping supplies to Negan. Gregory questions a man named Ethan about the whereabouts of 'Tim' and 'Marsha,' who are confirmed as dead — killed by Negan.

In response, the remaining members of the group ask Gregory if he had made them deliver a load of supplies to Negan that was lighter than what was required, which he unconvincingly denies.

The pair then reveal that a sixth member of their crew named Craig (Ethan's brother) was still alive, though he was being held by Negan until Ethan could deliver a message to Gregory. So what was the message? A straight knife to the gut!


After Ethan stabs Gregory, Rick and Michonne immediately spring into action, pulling him off the Hilltop leader as hollers "get off of me, I have to!"

Rick seems to have the upper hand in the fight until he's thrown off Ethan by the man in the red shirt who was also at the supply drop (who Abraham soon tackles).

While Abraham and the red-shirted man fight (and he hears Sasha's voice in his head), Rick and Ethan continue their brawl. Ethan eventually seems to gain the upper hand, telling everyone else to stay back. However, thanks to a distraction from Michonne, Rick soon slashes Ethan's neck, and basically bathes in his blood.

So gross, so satisfying.

After Rick rises (and utters the simply brilliant "What?") the townsfolk turn on him, prepared to unleash hell on the Alexandrians. Fortunately, Jesus takes the opportunity to jump between the groups, and calm everyone down.

After calming tensions, Jesus convinces Rick to put his gun away and asks him to give him some time to explain the dynamic of the town and the pressures they operate under — the pressure of living indebted to Negan.

Whoa, what a scene!

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 12, 'Not Tomorrow Yet' on Sunday, March 6 on AMC.

What was your favorite moment in episode 10 'Knots Untie'?


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