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You might remember back in December when The Hateful Eight director Quentin Tarantino threw some serious shade at Disney and its total cinema domination with all things Star Wars.

To recap, Tarantino's eighth movie was pushed out of Hollywood's Cinerama Dome in favor of more Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings, regardless of the deal the director and cinema already had in place. Seriously unimpressed, Tarantino let loose on the Howard Stern show and accused Disney of going "out of their way to fuck" him.

Like so:

Despite the months that have since passed, and although the reasons realistically seem to be based on booking communications rather than foul play, Tarantino isn't backing down on his stance. He told Confidential on Tuesday:

"No, they f**ked me over ... I would never work [with Disney] in any way, shape or form after what they did to me.

"They f**ked me over and I made them a lot of money for 'Pulp Fiction,' and that really is a bad way to treat a former employee who has worked very well for them."

As Comicbook points out, one could imagine that approach softening a tad if, say, Disney asked him to direct an upcoming Star Wars movie, for example.

To be fair, though, getting shoved out of the Cinerama Dome wasn't the only nightmare the notorious filmmaker had to deal with on the road to The Hateful Eight's release.

In January 2014 the script was leaked, which almost led to the Pulp Fiction director canceling the film entirely. Then, to add insult to injury, a piracy group going by the name Hive-CM8 leaked the film online prior to its release and then issued a sorry-not-sorry statement claiming they had actually aided the movie's popularity, so stop moaning about it.

Two weeks before the film's worldwide release, Tarantino took the reel on a road trip to host special screenings in its full 70 mm projection and experienced embarrassing technical difficulties, all while dealing with potential police union boycotts.

What a headache!

What's your favorite Tarantino movie?

Source: Cinema Blend, ComicBook


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