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If you were among those responsible for the million downloads of P.T., you will be happy (or terrified) to hear there's a new P.T. on the loose.

Filmmakers Oddest of the Odd released a YouTube video last month featuring a live-action remake of the original corridor-shuffling loop. The producers from Michigan have painstakingly created the game in reality, pills for pills, keys for keys, screams for screams.

Silent Hills for Playstation 4 was tragically cancelled last year due to issues with restructuring within publisher Konami. It built an unstoppable ball of hype, however, through making their terrifying P.T. promo available as a free download from the Playstation Store.

The original had a thrilling line-up. It was to feature Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead as its protagonist and be co-directed by Guillermo del Toro — of Pacific Rim and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies — and, of course, Hideo Kojima.

P.T. received rave reviews from the horror community. It won Best Horror Game award of Giant Bomb in 2014, and the Scariest Game at the FEAR Awards of Bloody Disgusting. Silent Hills was due to be the 10th installment in the epic Silent Hill series.

Check out 'P.T.' against the new live-action version:

The creators of this creepily precise reenactment made the video to grab the attention of developers Kojima by the throat and show them the enormous support behind Silent Hills:

We made this video not just because we are huge fans of Silent Hill, but we also REALLY want this game developed! With the help of you guys (the fans) we can make it happen!

Watch the remake here:

Compare it to the original:

What's the best part of the new video?

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