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Attention Game Of Thrones fans! How would you like to see the Season 6 premiere a whole two weeks before it airs, and in the company of Daenerys and Tyrion themselves? Great! All you need is a cool $10,000.

Several luxury concierge companies are offering tickets to the debut of the new season on April 10 at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theater, but they come with a hefty price tag, at $10,000 for two admittances. While the tickets do allow the lucky owners entry to the after-party, the deal does not include a meet and greet or a guarantee of a good seat — but just imagine the look on your friends' faces when you spoil the episode for them.

For those who would rather not hand over thousands of dollars to an extravagant concierge company, HBO have also donated a pair of tickets to Charitybuzz with proceeds going to the US-Ireland Alliance. At least you can feel a little better knowing that your outrageous purchase has been somewhat selfless.

Those hoping to attend the three-hour event must be at least 21 years old and are forbidden from reselling the tickets to anyone else. Travel and accommodation aren't included either. Do you think it's really worth it? Obviously some people do as the charity listing has already received 20 bids; the current price stands at $11,250 with seven days to go. You'd be pretty pissed off if the episode leaked online early like last year!

The GoT team spent £80,000 wining and dining everyone at the Season 6 wrap party, building a huge mock set for the occasion in Belfast's Ulster Museum. Considering that along with the fact that all attendees were also given exclusive Barbour jackets sporting the GoT logo, winners of the premiere party tickets are in for a good time.

Get all excited for the new season by watching the promo clip:

How much would you spend on 'Game Of Thrones' premiere tickets?


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