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While most folks basking in Deadpool's cinematic glory are simply celebrating its insane R-rated success and what this could mean for the future of film, others have taken on board the movie's popularity for another reason entirely - to rob banks.

Similarly to Spider-Man, Deadpool's mask covers ones face entirely – he does have a Freddy Krueger x topographical map of Utah face-f*ck to hide, after all – and thus conceals all features, making it the perfect disguise. A quality one man in Ohio probably figured when he robbed a bank by gun point last Friday.

Walking away with $2,000, the masked law-breaker is now being investigated by the South Point Police department. He's said to weigh around 200lbs and stands between 5'9" and 5'11".

This isn't the first time Deadpool and his mask have been used as inspiration for robbery, either. In January the two not-so-smooth criminals pictured below attempted to steal an ATM in Florida.

They smashed through a window and grabbed the machine but couldn't get it out of the building, with one taking his mask off during and giving the Brevard County Sheriff's Office a lovely look at his face.

Hashtag idiots.

Dick move, right?

Source: Comic Book


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