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Mortal Kombat never ceases to amaze — are we really all so punch-drunk that no-one picked up on this?!

For 24 years, Mortal Kombat hid a secret menu in the original game that went undiscovered. You have gotta love something so subtle from a franchise that is anything but!

They Hid What Now?

Who else? With a creative soul like Ed Boon steering the wheel, nothing is ever as it seems. The crafty lot behind the original Mortal Kombat managed to successfully conceal a secret menu right under our noses. Hidden on the main screen in Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 is a secret developer menu that, once activated, allows players to delve a little deeper behind-the-scenes of Boon's brutal creation.

The secret menu, or EJB (named after co-founder Boon), was only available via the arcade versions of the game. In classic retro style this hidden menu was accessed only via the input of a complex sequence of button bashes. Man, I miss that kinda stuff! Here's the sequence below:

P1 (x5), P2 (x10), P1 (x2), P2 (x1), P1 (x2), P2 (x3), P1 (x4) - Eurogamer

What Does This Menu Contain?

In Mortal Kombat titles 1 and 2, once inside the EJB menu, players can enter into machine diagnostic checks, read up on how many coins have been put into the machine, get an insight into frame rates, and even hack the scoreboard to place their initials (or something rude) into first place.

There is also a menu labelled "hello" — entering into this will provide the player with a series of shout-outs from the game makers themselves.

Perhaps the coolest thing available in the menu is the ability to call up any character's ending sequence. This I would have killed for — as would YouTube — if it were around back then!

The EJB menu in Mortal Kombat 3 allowed players to unlock a new playable character called Smoke as well as a separate Galaga mini-game.

The coolest thing on the menu in Mortal Kombat 3, however, is the ability to play the long 'Supreme Demonstration' of Fatalities, Animalities, Babalities and Friendshipalities.

This gets me to thinking. Does NetherRealm have something concealed in Mortal Kombat X (XL) just out of view? Over the years the team behind this classic series has certainly not held back on the creativity front. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ed Boon has stated that there are still things hidden in the original Mortal Kombat games that are yet to be discovered. Could these hidden menus be what he is referring to, or is there still more to be found?

Mortal Kombat is a series that has only grown in popularity and stature. If a video game could get a knighthood, that honor would probably go to Mortal Kombat. The Queen herself may not be too in touch with the gaming community, but I bet Harry gets involved!

Get button bashing, people — be sure to let me know if you find anything juicy!


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