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Sunday night was The Oscars. Mad Max won nearly everything and Leo finally won is eagerly-awaited Oscar for best actor. In sum, it was a very good night that saw Jimmy Kimmel hosting a special edition of his late night show.

For this occasion, Kimmel welcomed Ben Affleck as his special guest. While we got to see some new footage of the long-awaited Batman v Superman, we also had the opportunity to see an apparently deleted scene of the movie. Jimmy Kimmel was supposedly "too good" to be included and believe me, with him you can expect almost anything, see for yourself:

To be totally honest, I laughed out loud through every second of this video. Just imagine a world where secret identities were not that difficult to find out. Who would think that Clark Kent under his glasses is in fact Superman? I wouldn't. Even Lex Luthor was a tiny bit disappointed to learn that the man he hates so much is in fact a simple journalist for the Daily Planet.

This video is just gold and I wouldn't mind seeing it as a bonus when the film comes out on DVD. And for the fun of it, Kimmel ended up on Mars with the only person in the entire world - and probably the entire universe - he can't stand. Talk about faith.

Just between us, I do care about Lego Batman. Will Arnett is gonna be amazing!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.


Would you like to see Jimmy Kimmel in Batman v Superman?


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