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All you really need to remember before we embark on the recap of Blindspot's Mid-season premiere is that creep Carter was ended by Tree Tattoo Dude a.k.a. Oscar a.k.a. her ex-fiancé, who then showed Jane a recording of her past self talking to her now self and telling her that she's done all this mad shit to herself. This installment picks up directly after that revelation.

Oh yeah, and she stole a little kiss with Weller in episode 10 too, but anyone shipping that boring ass relationship should probably get over it pronto.

If you haven't seen episode 11 of NBC's 'Blindspot' yet, proceed with caution because there are SPOILERS AHEAD.


Entitled 'Cease Forcing Enemy,' (an anagram of In Case of Emergency, v. smart) the FBI and Jane find themselves in crossroads more than once throughout the episode. To cut a convoluted story short, the tattooed tip off in this episode leads the gang to the coast of Turkey where they happen upon a missing plane and band of pirates with grand plans of launching a rocket and stealthily obliterating the U.S. military's satellites.

Back at HQ Patterson is being grilled over her conduct by a grumpy man with a fantastic mustache. He's called Jonas Fisher, he's there to find out what happened to Carter but mostly he wants Mayfair's job. Although he ultimately fails to suspend Patterson, this won't be the last we see of this ladder climbing pain-in-the-ass. Assumedly, he's Carter's replacement villain.

There's also a near-beheading, Jane must land a nose-diving plane, and the beginnings of an awkward love triangle between Oscar and Weller... but you'll have to watch the episode for yourself to find these nitty gritty's out.

Tattooed Tip Off:

"Pieces of Pi"

A circle of numbers tattooed on Jane's body lay out the numbers of Pi, however predictably, there are digits missing. After identifying the missing numbers, Patterson spots they line up with pointers which identify a group of islands in the Black Sea: The Dark Isles - which is where the Pan Asian plane was found.

Blindspots / Questions for episode 12:

1. Now Jane knows she's definitely Taylor Shaw, will she follow her intended mission?

Or will she stay loyal to the FBI?

2. Oscar or Weller?

Oscar, come on. Weller is Well-DULL-er.

3. What will Jonas Fisher a.k.a. mad mustache man unearth as he digs into Carters disappearance?

And how will this effect Mayfair? And Tasha?

4. What is Jane's true objective?

Seriously - WTF is going on?

5. Is there anything Patterson doesn't know how to do?

This girl has like every mad skill on the planet, even when she's in a pit of grief.

Have you solved Jane Doe's puzzle yet?


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