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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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There aren't many celebrities who reach the level of success required to un-require a surname. Beyoncé, Madonna and Adele are good examples, along with Usher and Prince as well. The latest star to join the ranks? Kylie Jenner, apparently.

Last August, the teenage reality star filed a USA trademark application for the name 'Kylie' under advertising services – but there's just one problem. Kylie Minogue has been performing as 'Kylie' since before Jenner even left the womb, and last week, the Australian pop princess decided to show KJ that you just don't mess with royalty.

On February 22, KM filed a notice of opposition to the application stating that it would cause confusion and diminish her brand. Not only has the name 'Kylie' been Minogue's trademark for pretty much her entire career, she has also owned since 1996 and has sold more than 65 million albums to boot.

Her legal representatives threw some serious shade Jenner's way in the opposition documentation:

Just to make that clear, they call KJ a secondary TV personality who is a supporting character on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Ouch. They also couldn't resist mentioning Jenner's controversial actions of late, including her magazine shoot for Interview and that Instagram post that was accused of cultural appropriation – full on 'exhibitionism' in their eyes.

Kylie Minogue addressed the issue herself in a cheeky tweet she posted on Sunday:

But the battle is far from over: Kylie Jenner recently filed papers to trademark 'Kylie' under entertainment services as well. Does she really stand a chance?

To be fair, KJ is pretty well-connected in the music industry - there's her boyfriend Tyga and close friends Justin Bieber, Willow and Jayden Smith, brother-in-law Kanye West and more recently Harry Styles (via sister Kendall). She’s already got a hugely popular app called KYLIE and a range of makeup called Kylie Lip Kit, and she does have a much bigger following on social media. Watch this gem of a clip from her app here:

But does all of that really compare with the musical legacy of Miss. Minogue? She's won a Grammy, three Brit Awards, sixteen Aria Music Awards and even picked up an OBE back in 2008, not to mention her memorable stint on Australian soap opera Neighbours. I guess it really is up to the jury to decide.

Will the real Kylie, please stand up!

Who do you think is the real queen of 'Kylie'?


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