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In an interview with French publication Numero Homme, Robert Pattinson has talked openly about his public image and the effect Twilight has had on his career.

Starring in the teen favorite catapulted him to fame (after appearing in a little known movie called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, ofc) and placed him upon the glittering throne he still finds himself upon. That, however, isn't always such a good thing. He reveals,

“I imagine the audience kept a certain image of me. I always feel like I have to prove myself. I did not have enough lead roles to make the people forget about it or to see me any differently. Waiting for that, I follow my path, with the constant reminder to diversify myself.”
“I had a chaotic progression, with moments of explosion. It took years to digest what happened to me, the movies’ success, the celebrity… [Before] I did not have a career’s plan, not particular ambition. I had to create them from time to time.”

Although the ridiculously good-looking 29-year-old actor seems cool and collected on the outside, surprisingly he goes on to admit that he still suffers from major insecurity.

“I still have lots of doubts about myself. The people I work with know this. Three weeks before filming, I just panic and call my family or friends telling them I will never be able to do it. At that moment I really think it is the truth. My confidence leaves me, reduced in tatters. And then it is back when I enter the set. Even knowing this, the next time, it happens again. The people around me don’t even listen to me anymore.”
“I just let myself breathe. It is like in love relationships: If we go into it giving it all without any perspective, things are condemned from the start. Polluted. I love letting other [things] in my life, in the creative area. Leaving Los Angeles contributed to my balance as well. When we are there, the brain works weirdly. We imagine that leaving the city for a week will make us disappear from the radar. In England, where I come back to, all the people I meet don’t work in the film industry.”
Pattinson with his financée FKA Twigs
Pattinson with his financée FKA Twigs

On the topic of sneaking under the radar, how does he deal with the mammoth media attention?

“Sometimes I go through times when it makes me completely mad. I wonder what people are looking for when they type my name. Certainly gossip."
“That said, my career has not suffered from it. I am not blacklisted from anywhere yet. I am working with whomever I want… So I don’t have the intention to force the audience to change their point of view. I need things to go in an organic way. Maybe one day I’ll be seen differently. Well, I must admit I still fall into the trap, fall into Internet limbo by looking at what is said about me. At least I never felt the need to leave comments!”

Is that why he avoids social media, too?

“Sometimes I would like to and I would like to have a Twitter account to do so. But I know I would spend to much time on it. I would lose myself into it all night long. Nevertheless, I hope to avoid this kind of life. It is the reason why I don’t sign up!”
“To be honest, I don’t put myself in a situation where people order me around or try to change the way I am. The freedom I have to choose the people I work with, produce something really interesting — those who take me to be a part of their movie don’t have a false idea of me. So they don’t try to bend me or to change me.”

Lastly, Numero Homme asks whether he'd ever been tempted to rebel against the Twilight machine.

“I don’t regret to have rebelled in the past when it was time to do so. If we try to be a part of a mold when we are young, it is for sure leading to a disaster. We just end up not knowing who we are and we just begin destroying hotel rooms!”
“I know who I am. At least almost. Everything resides in the ‘almost.'”

Are you surprised to hear Robert Pattinson has insecurities?

Source: Gossip Cop


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