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Remember when it seemed like celebrities couldn't make their relationships last longer than a premiere weekend? These six adorable pairs prove that true love can last, even in the limelight.

1. Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Like To

Source: Wanderlust
Source: Wanderlust

Jen and Justin met on the set of their movie, Wanderlust, and have been together since May 2011. The now-married pair are totally devoted to each other. When asked about their Valentine's Day plans, Theroux told E!:

"You gotta take care of each other on Valentine's Day, every day. But we've actually scratched our dinner plans because I'm tired so we're probably just going to put on pajamas and catch up on some Netflix."

2. Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Keep The Spark Alive

Source: Step Up
Source: Step Up

Channing Tatum met his wife Jenna in 2006 on the set of the movie Step Up. Talking about meeting Jenna for the first time, Channing told Elle magazine,

"I had just gotten out of a pretty long relationship, so I was in no way ready for another. I was trying to run from what I knew Jenna was—not someone I was just going to date. But one of my buddies was like, "What are you doing, man? She's dope." That night I showed up at her hotel room with a sombrero on, and that was it."

Remember their crazy chemistry on screen?

Look at Jenna's ultra-sweet Valentine's Day post of rose petals Channing left on the bed!

And listen to the way he calls her baby on the way to the Hail Caesar! premiere. Too cute!

3. Ryan Reynolds Flew Across The World For Blake Lively

Source: Green Lantern
Source: Green Lantern

The Deadpool star and ex-Gossip Girl met on the set of The Green Lantern, but it took a while for things to get off the ground since they were both with other people (Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson and Lively was dating Penn Badgley).

After a string of serial dating for each, the couple kept their relationship relatively quiet until eventually eloping in September 2012. They now have a 1-year-old daughter, James.

Reynolds told ETonline,

"I've done things where I've like flown halfway across the world to just see my wife for a day, because you've got to do that."

4. Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Are An All-American Family

Pratt and Faris first got to know each other in 2007 on the set of Take Me Home Tonight. Faris was still married to Ben Indra at the time, but after she left her husband, she and Pratt married in September 2009. They now have a son named Jack, and they are basically the wholesome all-American family we all wish we could be.

They obsess over decorating together:

And they love being a family:

5. John Krasinski Still Feels So Lucky To Be With Emily Blunt

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Pratt and Faris aren't the only pistol-packin' couple. When John Krasinski and Emily Blunt met in 2008, they had their first date at a shooting range. He told Conan O'Brien:

"On our first date, I decided, "I’m gonna really hit the gas and bring her to a gun range." I think that I was so sure that I would never end up with her... that I was like, "You know what, I’m gonna blow it right away and then that way you don’t feel bad."
Source: ETonline
Source: ETonline

But it all worked out in the end, and they're still going strong. Married in 2010, the couple have a daughter named Hazel. And in January 2016, Krasinski told Elle:

"For me, the best days of my life started when I met my wife–that's the truth, it's not just me saying it because it sounds nice on a card. She's one of the coolest people, she's so talented, she's beautiful, and she's certainly out of my league. When you're lucky enough to meet your one person, then life takes a turn for the best. It can't get better than that."

6. John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Are All Of Each Other

Everyone knows that John Legend was over the moon in love with wife Chrissy Teigen after he wrote her the hit romantic single we all sang along to in 2013:

The pair met in 2006 when she starred in his music video for 'Stereo.' Teigen remembers the first meeting:

"I walked into John’s dressing room to meet him, and he was ironing in his underwear. I said, ‘You do your own ironing!?’ He said, ‘Of course I do.’ I gave him a hug.”

The couple married in Italy in September 2013, and they're now expecting their first child. Teigen was absolutely glowing in all the photos from the Oscars this year, and you can see Legend is still madly in love, too. He couldn't keep his hands off her.

Source: Todd Williamson
Source: Todd Williamson

Who's your all-time favorite celebrity couple with staying power?


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