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Get ready for more projectile vomiting because The Exorcist is back and it's snapping up cast members quicker than you can say "the power of Christ compels you."

Regan doing her thing
Regan doing her thing

Hannah Kasulka is the latest starlet (or victim) to be cast in FOX's reinvention of William Blatty's 1971 book.

She has previously performed in +1, True Blood, CSI, and How To Get Away With Murder. Kasulka will play Casey Rance, whose sister Charlotte (Brianne Howley) has been deteriorating after suffering a horrific accident.

Casey is a new twist in the forthcoming script, written by Jeremy Slater, as the possessed girl Regan in the original movie had no sister. Rupert Wyatt will direct the series.

Watch a clip from 'The Exorcist' of 1973:

What scenes would you like to see recreated in the new series?

Source: Deadline


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