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The mid-season premiere of FOX series Gotham has ushered in a whole new breed of supervillains with the debuts of Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange.

Here are the two brilliantly evil characters from episode 12 of Season 2 'Wrath of the Villains: Mr Freeze.'

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze, a.k.a. Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow), is a desperate criminal and cyrogenics engineer who turned to crime to keep his terminally ill wife alive.

We first saw Freeze attack in the previous episode, but it wasn't until this episode that we had a chance to see a victim solidify in full-screen glory as Fries freezes a cop to death.

And the unlucky cop will certainly not be the first or the last victim.

The cold arm of the law
The cold arm of the law

Professor Strange

After we were cruelly teased about the appearance of iconic villain Hugo Strange back in July 2014 by Gotham creator Bruno Heller, he finally made an appearance this episode. Strange (BD Wong) is Chief of Psychiatry at Arkham Asylum. He also conducts horrific experiments on people in an underground facility for Wayne Enterprises.

After telling his most recent patient Nigel to "see no evil, do no evil," here's a shot of what happened to his eyes:

No more seeing for Nigel
No more seeing for Nigel

The characters of Wong and Darrow are the latest in a series of new cast members to crash land amongst the mayhem of Gotham. Others include Michael Chiklis as Captain Barnes, James Frain as Theo Galivan and Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galivan.

What villain from the DC comic books do you hope will appear in 'Gotham'?

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