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Creative Customs is a small business of mine that I started back in 2013. I accidentally came across this venture when trying to figure out an art project to work on, over the course of the summer. If I hadn't dropped my Sharpie on my white slip on Vans, I'd have missed a great opportunity.

With time my skills improved and I started to gain a following on Instagram and on Facebook. People began liking and sharing my work, they wanted a product that let them stand out from the crowd. Over the lifetime of Creative Customs I worked on a variety of cool and different projects, ranging from Back to the Future, Disney, Marvel, DC etc. Then in January of this year, I decided to start working alongside the schedule for releases for Superhero movies. The first of which was Deadpool, and boy, did that explode! The design I initially posted generated a TON of interest over the internet and I was fully booked up for a month working on each individual order, unable to take any new orders.

While working on each of those order I ensure that each individual order is unique and different and the same design is not replicated twice. It's my policy to ensure that each pair of shoes I design will be a one of a kind pair, this gives me diversity and creative freedom within my projects and it allows the designs to truly stand out. On a regular basis, I am asked questions on the process involved and durability of the designs. Here are the top two questions I am asked, provided with answers.

1) "How do you design your shoes?"

A: I usually purchase a pair of white Converse to work on, as it is easier to directly sketch onto for visibility reasons. After the initial sketch has been drawn onto the canvas material of the shoes, I get into the painting aspect of the design. Using acrylic paints which do not crack or fade in the sunlight I work until completion, one step at a time. When the paint dries, I clean up and excess paint and waterproof the shoes, design and laces to ensure the shoes are wearable in public.

2) "Will the designs last?"

A: Yes, the waterproof spray and the acrylics I use ensure the design will last. If you take care of the shoe itself the design will last forever. I have a pair myself which are nearly 3 years old and have had heavy use, the design still looks as good as new and I wear them out in public, even on rainy days.

For this month only, I am working on a promotion on Batman v Superman specific orders on Converse shoes, LIMITED to only 20 pairs at a discounted rate. Each order will be made to the exact specifications of each customer and I will incorporate my artistic vision to ensure that we find the perfect design for you. Early orders are guaranteed to be finished/shipped to you before the release of the film itself on the 25th of March, so you can show up to see the movie in style. However get your orders in as quickly as you can to ensure this. Deadpool orders still available for a limited time only and the pricing and shipping information can be found on the links provided below:

What do you think of these custom converse, would you wear them? Tag someone who would in the comments.


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